Eid Shopping Festival

The Eid Shopping Festival 2016 is back and celebrates its sixth year with a fusion of fashion... Read More

AUSSIE: The Australian Circus Spectacular
26 May 2016 to 05 Jun 2016
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Top Picks - Places

Top Bars And Pubs In Soweto

Soweto has vast become a huge tourist attraction and major part of our entertainment spicing up our... Read More


Woolworths Launches A New ‘Eco-Chic’...

Woolies fans, you may be happy to hear that Woolworths has launched a brand new store at the Mall... Read More

Wine and Dine

Wit Beer Pot Roast

Wit beer pot roast is the best comfort food. It goes well with veggies and rainy days, brown rice... Read More


Best Food Markets Around Town

We all love food, especially good food. Thankfully food markets are all the buzz around town these... Read More

Something Different

Worker's Day: How To Create Office Cultu...

On the 1st of May each year South Africa celebrates Worker’s Day as a public holiday. The... Read More

Family Fun

Top of Africa

Since 1973 the Carlton Centre has been the tallest skyscraper on the continent. At 223 metres, it... Read More