Ideas For Singles This Valentine’s Day

Though the origin of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate romantic love. The existence of romantic love is not always a given for many. However, the idea of romantic love itself can be something you redefine for yourself this Valentine’s Day. Sure tradition says it usually works better when someone else adores and romances you. But why not be your own true love and romance yourself? When was the last time to expressed self-love? Sure the idea of idea of anti-Valentine’s Day has its appeals but let’s try self-love this time around!

How-Spend-Valentine-Day-Singles-HealthyDeclutter your heart, declutter your life!
There are certain treasures and keepsakes that we all have with some high sentimental value. And we hold on to them because the memories are so precious and we are not quite ready to let go. It might be an antique necklace from an ex boyfriend, or a retro watch from an ex girlfriend. And you probably don’t even wear it all that much anymore. But you keep it for the sentimental value. Perhaps it’s time to let it go. Go pawn it or give it away to someone you rarely see. Though getting rid of these keepsakes may seem unnecessary and extreme; these keepsakes can also be a lot of emotional clutter likely to make you sob-around on Valentine’s Day or have you spewing hate on such a love filled day. So let it go, declutter, get rid of the old to make room for the new!

Reconnect with your hobbies!
We all have that one hobby we tend to neglect ever so often. But if you are one of those rare few that doesn’t neglect any one their hobbies, perhaps Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to connect deeper with just one. And for those that tend to neglect their hobbies, perfect opportunity to reconnect with those hobbies and rediscover your passion in them. It can be anything from gardening, bird watching to drawing or painting. Get your hobby supplies ready and spend some time rediscovering yourself and your passion. If your hobby is more art inclined, you’ll have a beautiful art piece or illustration to show for it and represent your celebration of self-love. If your hobby is more practical, outdoors and dirt inclined, hey, you have a stunning garden or landscaping to look at while enjoying your morning coffee the next day!

Try something new!
You know that one thing you have always wanted to try out but always made an excuse why you couldn’t try it out as yet? Well, isn’t it time to stop procrastinating and do the damn thing? It could be anything from baking a chocolate or carrot cake for the first time, knitting an awesome scarf for yourself in preparation of winter, or learning to play a musical instrument! Yes, we coming for you guitar heroes. It is never too late to expand your skills and passions. Life is long and you can never run out of fun things to do. So stop procrastinating and making excuses not to do it. Get out there and “just do it”!

valentines-dayStay away from social media!
We all get affected but that annoying bug called FOMO (fear of missing out) ever so often when it comes to social media. Sometimes if feels like an unspoken competition to be the first one that saw something on Facebook or Twitter. And on certain holidays and celebrated days, people flood the social media platforms with positive and negative massages. Sometimes, you don’t need any of that. If you have just come out a relationship, it’s probably a good idea not to check your ex’s Facebook account to see how they are spending their day. Or if you have a major crush on someone, it’s also probably a good idea not to check what he or she is tweeting about. Social media in general has the power to change our mood whether we like it or not. The seemingly happy lives of others sometimes just make your life seem not so great, when that’s probably not the case. So put your phone away. Disconnect from the Internet and reconnect with yourself.

Treat Yourself!
You know how you love flowers or chocolates or you’re a big gamer and would love that new Mortal Combat game? Well, what better day than Valentine’s Day to buy yourself that little something to brighten your day? Maybe you don’t even have any intentions of going all out to spend money as a way of treating yourself, and you don’t have to. Make yourself the kind of breakfast you’d imagine making for a loved one, but because this one is for you, add an extra pinch of love. Pair that with some juicy OJ or rich coffee. Grab your favorite magazine, newspaper or book and just indulge in the perfect breakfast for one. Afterwards, you could even book the rest of your day off at a spa. Full body massage, facial and perhaps a relaxing session in the Jacuzzi thereafter. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect treat?

Host a small lunch or dinner party!
Much as breakfast for one is amazing, there’s nothing wrong with maintaining your social life with some good friends. Offer to host a lunch or dinner were either you prepare the whole shebang, or request a little this and that from your friends. You could choose to have the ‘grown-up’ kind of lunch or dinner where it’s some good chats and laughs over food and wine or beer. Perhaps share some awkward or funny Valentine’s Day stories from the past. Or you could turn the lunch or dinner into a fun games get-together. Everyone loves board games so get your competitive self out and have some good ol’ fun!

Be someone’s Valentine!
In the fast-paced world we live in, it is getting more difficult to appreciate each other as humans. Some people can go through an entire week without being told they are loved, appreciated or that their existence is valued. So why not send anonymous Valentine’s Day cards to people around you. You can choose to personalize the cards to each person adding unique qualities about them, why they are loved and appreciated. Or you could send each one a red rose simply singed “From Your Valentine”. Be the cupid in their lives and see how bringing them that much joy will also bring you joy. Spread the love and make someone’s day!

Take a road trip!
You know all those areas other people always talk about? Those areas that are not that far out from the city that sound amazing but you’re never been there before? Well, isn’t it time you took a road trip to one of them and experience these amazing places for yourself? You could make it a weekend trip or a day trip with friends or by yourself. Have your camera fully charged and ready to take some snaps of the beautiful scenery. Take in all the natural elements and explore the roads and corners you normally wouldn’t. Strike up a conversation with new people, wish them a lovely day, make new friends if you’re up for that, and rediscover your inner peace from the joys of road tripping!

Do absolutely nothing!
So maybe you’re thinking what’s the deal with all this pressure to do something? I mean Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year and maybe you really don’t want to do anything. You just want to have a lazy Sunday and perhaps listen to some Bruno Mars while you’re at it. Well, here’s some good news, you really don’t have to do anything. It is just another day after all. So you’re free to do what you normally do or nothing at all. If you’re a 9 to 5 weekday worker maybe you use your Sundays to prepare for the coming week. If you’re a freelancer maybe you’re most busy over the weekend. If you a single mom or dad maybe you just want a relaxed afternoon with your children or without your children. It doesn’t actually matter who you are or what you do; if you just want to sleep all day and only wake up for bathroom breaks and snacks, do that!

Man-Watching-TV-ResizeAppreciate the perks of being single!
Though being in a relationship has some of perks of its own. There are some things about you that change or become compromised, consciously or subconsciously. Maybe you’re a guy and you can appreciate the simple perk of leaving the toilet seat up without being reprimanded about it afterwards. Or as a girl you can put your facemask on while wearing sweatpants, an oversized T and eating your strawberry sorbet from the tab without worrying about looking good for your partner. And sometimes as people we just enjoy our own personal space and not having to explain our whereabouts while we do whatever we like selfishly without risking hurting someone else’s feelings. Hey guess what, when you’re single you can exploit that! There are so many other perks of being single so celebrate that and celebrate being your own and first true love.

By Cleopatra Shava

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