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Kate Turkington Reviews
Self Power – Spiritual Solutions to life’s greatest challenges
Deepak Chopra
Kate rates this book: 7/10
Deepak Chopra has been described as ‘the rock star of the new spirituality’ and it’s easy to see why. He manages to combine the mysticism of the East with the pragmatism of the West underpinned by his training and practice as a medical doctor. In this handy paperback the guru takes and talks you through your personal relationships with advice on how to stay close and connected with your partner. This is his take on equality in a good relationship: “You don’t feel either superior or inferior. No matter how much your partner may irritate you, at bottom you see another soul…” In another chapter he deals with Health and Wellbeing, in another with Success, in another with Personal Growth. There’s a fascinating section where Dr Chopra answers one on one questions he’s received from readers. It’s a bit like an Agony Uncle column but you may well find that he answers some of your own pressing questions as well.

Choice Point – Align Your Purpose
Harry Massey & David R. Hamilton
Hay House
Kate rates this book: 7/10
“In October of 2011, the 7 billionth member of our human race joined us here on Earth. Never in the history of our species have so many people lived together at once, and expected so much from the Earth. At the same time the best minds of our time tell us that now, in the first years of the 21st century, our expanding global family faces a clear and present danger – the greatest number and magnitude of crises believed to have ever converge on to a single generation in history…”
So begins this fascinating and thought-provoking book. But cheer up, there are ways and means of averting and solving these crises and this book shows us how. Crisis management is not only the job of world leaders, the authors postulate, but also the task of every individual. The book is based on the ground-breaking film Choice Point, which features insights from some of the world’s leading change-makers – including Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, James Caan and Archbishop Desmond Tutu among others. It’s an inspiring book which shows you how to understand your world like never before, how to align your own true purpose with the patterns of the universe, and finally, how to be the change that you want to see in the world around you.

The Devil in the Deal – 50 Secrets to Successful Dealmaking
Kim Meredith
Kate rates this book: 9/10
The author makes the point that the most successful people on any list have one dynamic in common – they are all dealmakers. Dealmaking, she believes, is at the heart of business, so why isn’t it the #1 subject in business schools? The book is neatly divided into 50 numbered sections, each section dealing with a particular dealmaking ‘secret’ and its potential downside – a ‘demon’. This is a highly practical, knowledgeable book with lots of excellent advice. It’s an essential read for anyone who has to do with dealmaking and is also a very entertaining read.

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