An event a day

An event a day

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With some forward planning you would have been able to make the coming weekend a long weekend. For those who have taken leave (or those who are good at dreaming up plausible sick day excuses) the Joburg team has rounded up one thing for you to do on each day of the upcoming weekend.

Friday – Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist
Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughs as Andre the Hypnotist mesmerizes audiences at Montecasino’s Pieter Torien Studio. Entrance is R95. Show starts at 20h00.Read more.

Saturday – Electric Circus at Truth
From Fidget to hard trance – the Electric Circus at Truth will feature cutting edge electronic dance music with a mix of local and international DJ’s. Entrance is R130. Read more.

Sunday – Super Trouper
If you have partied the night away you may want to do something chilled on Sunday. Super Trouper is a tribute to 70’s icons and features the music of ABBA and the Bee Gees. The show takes place at The Barnyard Theatre at Menlyn. Read more.

Monday – Castrol Extreme Auto Show
If you have managed to take a leave day head why not head off to the Castrol Extreme Auto Show at the Dome? This is South Africa’s biggest automotive show and features everything from wheels and security systems to paint techniques and engine modifications.
Read more.

Tuesday – comedy at Cool Runnings
End the long-weekend with a laugh and head to Cool Runnings Victory Park for an evening of stand-up comedy with Ryan Whittal and Ndimiso Lindi. Entrance is free and drinks are reasonably priced. Call :+27 72 383 4231. They are situated in the Victory Park Shopping Centre.

Jen Tile: Straight out of Norwood

Can anyone tell me why some celebrities, who have personal stylists, still somehow manage to look like a cross between Picasso and Jackson Pollock paintings?

If I employ someone to ensure that I always look my best at red carpet events I would really expect them to inform me if they thought I resembled a psychedelic tarred and feathered ostrich.

A glance at an event such as an awards ceremony is always good for a giggle, if only to see just how badly some of these people dress. Being famous is all about being remembered but in many instances celebs are remembered for all the wrong reasons.

For me there are three blunders stars make when dressing:

They wear too much
Some people go a bit overboard with accessories. When did gold plated iPods and Blackberries, sunglasses the size of dinner plates, hats not even deranged people would wear, poodles, Chihuahua’s and belts with two ton buckles become fashionable?

They wear too little
Lady GaGa must have an amazing immune system because with the skimpy outfits she wears I am surprised she has not contracted pneumonia. Yes you may want to show off your new implants, but does that mean you have to wear clothes 5 year olds would struggle to fit into?

They drink or take drugs before getting dressed
Maybe they don’t actually do this, but if I resembled some of the folks in the images alongside I would sooner admit to having a narcotic problem that affects my judgement when dressing than admitting I have less style than Johan Stemmet. Or I would tell people I lost a bet.

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