Awesome Kids Programmes for the School Holidays

School holidays are around the corner and if you’ve not figured out what to with the kids yet, then don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted.


Arts & Crafts

Craft at Fourways runs a little kids programme called Craft Basket, where children can learn how to do mosaic, beading, decoupage, dry brushing and ceramics. Craft at Fourways also hosts kids craft parties and assist with school projects. Workshops last three hours. These double as great winter activities for kids.

Tech & Science

The University of Johannesburg’s TechnoLab offers workshops in science and technology to children of all ages. The TechnoLab was established in 1995 and has presented technology workshops to over 60 000 students to date. Bring your young ones and inspire them to aspire towards greatness.


Yeesh! is an indoor play and activity centre built for kids. It is the wonderland all younglings dream off and can be taken advantage off this school holiday. The wonderland consists of play structures, crafts sections and a cooking corner. Yeesh! is aimed at children aged four to 12.


For quite some time now Running Rebel’s Soccer has inspired many children to invest in their own fitness through soccer. Runnin’ Rebels Soccer strives to offer the best in soccer development for kids of all ages and abilities, regardless of their economic background. It is the perfect spot for children to learn ball skills and develop a passion for sport and fitness.


Kids Cafe forms part of the well known Dance Cafe dance studio. The studio offers holiday dance programmes to kids aged four to 14. Kids Cafe promotes learning through play and allows children to experience arts and culture first hand. It is a fun, interactive way to make friends, learn skills and get fit… all at the same time.

By Shawn Greyling

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