Best Camera Shops Around Town

Photography is the art of seeing the world not in shapes or sizes but in colour, and we all know that an artist is only as good as the brush he wields. In order to keep your gear in check we’ve compiled a list of retailers that’ll assist you in your journey towards the perfect photograph.



One of the most famous camera centres in the country, Kameraz offers an almost never-ending array of flashes, lenses and other instruments that’ll make your life easier. As the business’ name suggests, Kameraz specialises in, well, cameras and have been doing so since 1998. What makes this shop beautiful is that they are the biggest retailer of second hand analogue cameras and equipment. Also, every first Sunday of the month the store hosts a free workshop that includes show and tell.

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Looking for binoculars, tripods and lenses as big as your arm, then Cameraland has it all. This shop prides itself in employing staff who are more than capable to tell you about f-stops, grads, grips and halos. Be sure to visit them in Sandton and score some inspiration along the way.

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Camera Stuff

Camera Stuff recently opened a branch on Jan Smuts Avenue in which you can espy all the latest gadgets and contraptions necessary to make your artwork a reality. In the digital age a good photo can go a long way and if you’re just starting out ditch the camera on your cellphone and step up to the real deal, then the first step would be to visit Camera Stuff. Nuff said.

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B&H Photo

This is one of the quirkiest shops in town and it’s very easy to spend an entire day here. B&H Photo has all your photographic needs within arms reach, and if they don’t, they’ll organise it for you in a heartbeat. This shop is not to be missed and should be visited at least once every two months. Be sure to check out their blog as well and learn from the pros.

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By Shawn Greyling

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