Black Horse Brewery: A New Brewery Of Note

I am happy to report that I have found a new and excellent brewery out in Magaliesburg with great beer and food and the best part is that they even cater for the kids!


Black Horse Brewery
Established in 2012, Black Horse is still relatively unknown amongst beer fans in Joburg and it really is a shame because it’s truly one of a kind. They are a brewery, brewpub and restaurant, set on a beautiful piece of land in the heart of Magaliesburg with a rustic outdoor restaurant space and a kiddies play area that is going to be super popular over these coming summer months. There are few places I’d rather sip a beer than overlooking their rolling greens from the restaurant with the hot sun and shade from trees complimenting the beer to its fullest.

The Beer
Black Horse do four well chosen beers that are all worth a mention. Their website mentions a Porter although I wasn’t lucky enough to try this on my visit. I got a Weiss which doesn’t seem to be part of the menu any more and I’m guessing it might be a seasonal thing. Weiss tends to go better in summer and Porter better in the cooler months so it might just be that.

Golden Lager
Their Golden Lager is a good representation of the style at 4.5% ABV. It’s light and refreshing, with a very subtle malt and hop character that finishes crisp. Need I say more? It will go down like water on a summers day and I can imagine it being their big seller.

Red Ale
They do a refreshing Irish Creamy Red that sits at a drinkable 4.5%. Think Kilkenny or Gilroys Traditional, with a light red to copper colour and a balanced yet malty backbone. This isn’t my favourite representation of the style but I still found myself ordering a pint of it which is always a good sign of a beers drink-ability!

Ginger Beer
The Ginger Beer is as refreshing as it is low on alcohol at 0.5% making it an all-round winner for quaffing this summer. There is very little I can say about it other than that it is very satisfying and a ‘must’ if you’re visiting. Ginger beers are very rare at South African craft breweries making this an absolute treat!

Weiss is a beer made from a large portion of wheat in the grain bill. Some call it flowery or spicy while others say it reminds them of Wicks bubblegum but whichever way you feel about it, it’s a great summer drink which quenches thirst like no other! I am often put off by the overly strong spiciness which you get from 90% of Weiss beers in South Africa but I am happy to report that Black Horse tones these down a notch. Their Weiss is a straight drinker without the overbearing after taste that is often found in a Weiss. It’s a great example of Weiss and I will be back for more if they bring it back to their menu.

The Food
The menu is surprisingly well thought out for a brewery and I say that with respect to all other breweries. It’s just that I often find that most breweries are content with pub fare where Black Horse take the opposite direction with and extensive and lavish menu including Spanish Prawns and Smoked Salmon Carpaccio. We both boringly ordered the ‘Goliath Black Horse Burger’ which I can guarantee you, turned out to be anything but boring! We enjoyed our meals and the service was perfect.

Black Horse is without a doubt one of those places you have to visit in the Magalies area. There’s the brewery, the great food, a trampoline and ample space for the kids to play and the best thing is that it forces you to take a drive out of Joburg! Say hello to Black Horse Brewery on Facebook!

Address: Seekoei Hoek; Bekker School Road; Magaliesburg
Call: 082 453 5295
Hours: Not open on Monday and Tuesday

by Byron Marais

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