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BlackBerry review

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By Rochelle Friedman

At, there are 10 very talented, extremely detail oriented, high-energy, and hardworking men and women all doing their jobs and doing them well.

It’s a typical Tuesday, and the office is humming along. I’m answering e-mails, writing a few template lines, scheduling a dental appointment here, haircut there and kicking myself for not getting sushi at lunch. The sun is shining, the colour printer is working – my life is good.

And then it happens. The Helkom lines have gone down (or have been stolen), Voda-who’s-it are dropping calls, our email server thought it best for our business not to contribute to the SA economy and my best – Microsoft Word has decided to ‘End Now’ on my unsaved and almost finished review article.

In short, technology in a brief space of time became the Magneto to my Wolverine, the Saruman to my Frodo, the Dr. Octopus to my Spiderman.

In comes the BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone – my first reaction in reviewing this phone was to drop it and run away. So in light of my mid-twenties-technological breakdown, I focused on reviewing all the REALLY important aspects of a phone:

1) Can it sit / grip comfortably between my ear and shoulder?
2) Does the speakerphone have audible sound whilst driving?
3) Can it take good pictures?
4) Can it make me breakfast?
5) Does it have Benecio Del Toro’s phone number embedded in the contact list?

Little did I know what was in store for me on this berrylicious number as I ticked yes to three of the above, and so much more…

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
A robust, addictive BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry instant messaging service. It will turn you into the capital K of the Kim Kardashian phone addicts association.

My boyfriend is out in Tanzania for the next 2 months (sniff) but staying in contact via BBM has made a world of difference for us and not to mention how much we’re saving. We get to chat all the time, send pics and voice notes for FREE! It’s fabulous!

Screen, Look & Feel
Yes, the Bold’s 480×360 screen is dazzling enough to warrant its own section dedicated to praising it. Incredibly rich and contrast-y with stunning pixel density, it’s so nice you want to touch it. I actually tried once or twice to hit save on a dialog box, forgetting that it wasn’t the touchy kind of screen. It almost makes reading the plain text of an email depressing, knowing you could be looking at a gorgeous video or photograph instead.

After you get used to the BlackBerry complete QWERTY keyboard and slight angle shift in the keys, you’ll quickly realise how fantastic and ergonomic they actually are. Like a delicately balanced wine, with a perfect blend of clickey, springy, and spongy buttons.

In my opinion, it’s hands-down the best looking phone out there. It looks like an incredibly modern business device. You would imagine that people with more important jobs than you carry these phones to conduct business that’s more important than yours, while talking to their accountant about how much fatter their bank account is than yours. It exudes power.
It’s larger and wider than my previous N***a phone, but it still feels comfortable in my hands, which aren’t giant-sized by any means. The faux-leather backing, however, is rather puzzling, it’s almost like BlackBerry tried to add a touch of class in the same way Donald Trump’s hairdo gives him a touch of handsome. Nonetheless, it feels rock solid.

It has everything you want: 3G, Bluetooth, Edge, GPS and Wi-Fi etc… I’m not even going to pretend what it all means. What I CAN tell you is that it allows me to use BBM, receive and send emails (personal & work), have Facebook notifications sent directly to me – and most importantly it’s all FREE after you pay your monthly subscription fee (R59 ex VAT per month). For this kind of value, not even Ebenezer Scrooge on a budget would mind.

It’s a champ. Despite using the music player, in addition to lots of browsing, email and other everyday application use, half a charge got me through an eight-hour day with no problem. All indications are that this thing will last you throughout the day with no problems at all. Way to go!

In conclusion:
Everything about the BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone seems logical and is designed to help you get to your most used functions quickly.

It is 100% customisable: wallpapers, ringtones, message alerts, contact assigned pics – all the frills and extras to make your phone that much more unique.

I’d suggest spending some time with it: play Word Mole (THE most addictive game), install your favourite applications (facebook, twitter), send an email, take a picture, load mp3’s onto the 2GB micro SD, and your BlackBerry smartphone will become your greatest tool and dare I say it, companion.

My life will never be the same. I have been seduced into the BlackBerry world of extreme communicatory joy. Weird enough to cause a kind of low hum gadget lust and fab enough to fill my every need.

So now that I’ve got my very own BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone to play with, I better get back to being anti social.

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