BOOST Your Run With Adidas

Check out the brand new adidas UltraBoost – their brand new technology will change the way you run!

BOOST Your Run With Adidas

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The all-new adidas UltraBoost will change the way you run! Their revolutionary technology combines ultra-comfort and style with cutting-edge innovation and support, giving you your best and most energised run!

How does it all work? Thanks to the 20 per cent extra BOOST in the sole, this shoe combines soft comfort with responsive energy, which means it will give you that extra push when you need it the most – what you put in, you get out … and then some! The new shoe was developed by the adidas Innovation Team (aIT), who have created the UltraBoost to intuitively adjust to your stride … how’s that for cool?

BOOST is a ground breaking innovation in cushioning which is featured in most of adidas’ running shoes and provides more energy return than any other foam-cushioning material in the running industry, combining soft comfort with responsive energy for the ultimate running experience.

Another super-cool feature of the shoe is the Stretch Web outsole that adapts and stretches to your foot strike and movement. See what we mean when we say you’ll get your best run yet!?

So if you feel you need an energy BOOST, grab a pair of UltraBoost at adidas performance stores and leading sports retailers from 12 August 2015. Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using @adidasZA #ultraboost.

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