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Belle’s New Skinny...

Belle’s Patisserie has a brand new healthy menu full of... Read More

Decadence Cakes, Cup...

Decadence Cakes, Cupcakes and Confectionery is the ideal spot if you are in search of the most... Read More

Camdeboo Peach Farm ...

It’s funny how as humans we insist on having everything that we generally can’t get our... Read More

Shepherd Market

I drove past the other day and decided I just had to go in to grab some lunch and take some... Read More

Craighall Park
Linden – Al Fresco...

It’s sad that when you mention 4th Avenue in Johannesburg everyone immediately assumes you’re... Read More

Beerhouse Opens In J...

Craft beer is all the rage at the moment, but amidst this frenzy for good beer I’ve noticed a... Read More


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Voodoo Lily Café ...

If you’re ever looking for a relaxing spot to unwind with your loved ones (including your... Read More

Dining At Kraal Rest...

If you find yourself somewhere in the South of Joburg, you definitely must stop over at the Kraal... Read More

Kibler Park
Experience Workshop5...

Sometimes all you need after a long day is a beautiful setting, a good glass of gin in hand and... Read More

Parktown North
Treat Yourself To So...

Surely there’s more to French cuisine than frogs’ legs and escargot. When I think of dishes... Read More

Surf’s Up Joburg, ...

Every time I visit Cape Town, all I see are surfers – EVERYWHERE. If they’re not at the... Read More

Bonjour Blairgowrie

Keeping a reasonable distance from the sticky-sweet pastries at Patisserie de Paris was far from... Read More