The Coolest Food Trucks in Johannesburg

The cool thing about Johannesburg is that often the food comes to you. Yup. Here’s our favourite food trucks.


Balkan Burgers

There is nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a big fat juicy burger. We’d go as far as to say that there is nothing closer to nirvana than a good burger… let’s take it one step further, there is absolutely nothing comparable to that first bite of a sexy burger from Balkan Burgers. Are you sold? Well, you should be. The Balkan Burgers food truck has fed plenty a hipster and plenty a festival goer. Balkan Burgers is so cool that they’ve been recommended by travel and food legend, Anthony Bourdain.

Cajun Joe’s Food Co.

The best thing about walking out of Bassline in Newtown is when you see Cajun Joe’s truck in front of you. All we can say is that the baby corn salad – doesn’t sound like much – is off the hook… and so is the paninis and wraps and pretty much everything else being prepared in that kitchen. From music festivals to expos to random party nights in town, Cajun Joe’s Food Co. is your friendly neighbourhood chow hook-up.

Vetkoek Cafe

Seriously, who’s going to say no to attacking a gourmet vetkoek? Case and point! Vetkoek Cafe serves as the bridge between the classic and the abnormal. It’s artisinal, lekker and local. Curry mince, chicken mayo – the classics, you know. But then, Vetkoek Cafe kicks it up a notch with their biltong special smothered in crème fraîche, or their roasted veg with basil pesto and feta. Just do yourself a favour and check them out… you can thank us later.

Bearded Fella

Pizza on wheels. Yeah, we’ll give you a moment to take that in… done? Good. The Bearded Fella has been spotted selling wood burning oven pizza at festivals such as Oppikoppi and the likes. It’s quick. It’s filling and the only problem is to figure out if we want pineapple on our custom built order. Either way, make sure to check these buddies out. A good pizza is determined by the base and the Bearded Fella must have some Italian blood in him because these pizza bases are booming.

Martha’s Mojo

Double trouble with this one. Martha’s Mojo runs the Amexicano and 5 Star Street Chef. Both food trucks are well known across Jozi and plenty of people have stampeded their way to get their hands on the good and spicy served from these griddles. Flame grilled to perfection, Amexicano serves nachos and tacos so decadent that you need to take a holiday to get the goodness off your mind. 5 Star Street Chef serves Vietnamese Banh mi pork burgers and pickled veg for the win.

By Shawn Greyling

Remember that our “Top Picks” are not paid for and are compiled at the discretion of the journalist. We only write about what we love.

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