Croc City Crocodile Farm – Review

Croc City Crocodile Farm – Review

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When I was thinking about starting a family, I must admit that the thought of children’s birthday parties filled me with a sense of wonder. I used to imagine heading off to other children’s birthday’s with my little girl dressed in a beautiful pink outfit, and that she would play happily while I looked lovingly from afar and watched her playing. Fast forward four years and about a zillion kiddies’ birthday parties later and the thrill has worn off. I have actually begun to dread them. And so, when my SHS (Saintly Husband Steve) offered to take Kayla to a birthday party for me, I was delighted. I also had two deadlines to meet and the dreaded flu – but it didn’t matter – I was free. I was ecstatic. Until he came home and told me that I had just missed the best birthday party EVER. Because there were baby crocodiles and snakes at this little boy’s house. Talk about cool! After a bit of research, I found out the Croc City Crocodile Farm will actually come to your child’s birthday party and let the children learn, and play with, a variety of scaly crawly things. You can even host the party at Croc City itself! Who knew?

Croc City Crocodile Farm is situated 50 kilometres north of Johannesburg Central and is close to game parks, the Lanseria International Airport, the Cradle of Humankind and the Hartebeespoort Dam. This unsung hero provides the opportunity to observe one of the world’s most spectacular predators at close range. You are also given the chance to HOLD a hatchling. There are a number of viewing enclosures where you can also see all sizes of crocodiles – from croc hatchlings to large adults of up to five meters in length!

Something that I really like about this venue is the price. As you know, I was moaning last week about the various “child-friendly” venues that charge R40 an hour for your child to play – well, Croc City charges R30 per child (under the age of 12) entrance fee – and you can stay as long as you like. This makes it an ideal venue for school holidays, play dates, or somewhere to go with the family over the weekend.

There is also a curio and snack shop that I found rather fascinating. Let’s just say that it sells everything from beverages and snacks to crocodile healing agents and crocodile meat! I have yet to try Crocodile Oil Cream – so if you buy a tub, let me know what it’s like! You will also like the fact that there is a small tea garden offering light refreshments including cakes, scones and tea or coffee.

Croc City Crocodile Farm is open seven days a week from 9am – 4.30pm. Do make a plan to go – it’s really an awesome day out.

Entrance Fee:

Adults: R55.00 per person

Children under 12: R30.00 per person

Pensioners: R45.00 per person
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~Reviewed by Shelli NT

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