Deadmau5 tickets on sale!

Canadian super-producer Joel Zimmermann is headed to Johannesburg for a one of his mind-blowing Deadmau5 sets and tickets are on sale now!

Deadmau5 is arguably the worlds foremost progressive house DJ bringing creativity to a music form which often lends itself to monotony and he points this out on a regular basis. Deadmau5 is a controversial figure in the music industry having claimed that DJ’s are mere people who push play on records and naming his last project ‘4 x 4 = 12’ a direct comment on the house music scene and the repetitive arrangements its known for.

Despite his loathing for the DJ industry he makes multiple hits a year and writes, records and masters his own singles and wears a silly mouse head costume on stage making him one of the most prolific and down right interesting performers of the last decade.

Venue: Wild Waters Complex, Boksburg
Date: Saturday, 3rd of December, 2011
Cost: R330 to R1500

For further information please follow the links alongside

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