Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Life!

Sometimes it’s not that your home is too small or that your life sucks half as much as you think it does. Sometimes all you need to do is declutter your place, which creates room and space for positivity to flow in. Not sure where to start? Here’s a guide!


Get rid of magazines

If not all of us, most of us have a stack of magazines just laying around serving no real purpose in our lives any more. Sure, some magazines have great articles that you think you’ll refer back to at some later date but let’s be honest with ourselves: we’re just going to buy new magazines in the following months. Get rid of the clutter and throw those magazines away, better yet, recycle them!

Keep soft copies of receipts and documents

If you’re a tax payer perhaps you like having hard copies of your receipts, bills and documents – for peace of mind. However, with technology you no longer have to keep all the hard copies of these things. Save them as soft copies and get rid of all the physical paperwork! Sure some documents require you that keep their original hard copies, but the rest, toss it and watch your space open up.

Give away old or unworn clothes

Clothes are simple really, but we like to complicate them by thinking, “I might need to wear that to an event” but really, if you haven’t worn it in a year or two, donate it to charity, sell it at a thrift shop or give it away to someone who’ll make use of it. Don’t be a hoarder, declutter your wardrobe and declutter your life. Besides, you’ll have more space to buy and store that cute outfit from Zara!

Clear out your bookshelf

Though this one might be super difficult for book lovers, sometimes you have to be ruthless with yourself and really assess if certain books on your bookshelf still apply to your life. Are they still relevant to the person you’ve grown into? Will you really read them ever again? If you have answered “no” to all those questions – give the books away, donate or sell them off to second hand bookstores.

Throw away medicine and vitamins

It is so crucial to throw away expired medication and vitamins. Check your medicine cabinet quarterly for expired medication or vitamins and toss them in the trash. Not only is this beneficial in knowing what medicine and vitamins you actually have in the event you catch the flu or something, but you also prevent risking your health by popping expired pills.

Toss the old make-up and cosmetics

If you can’t even remember when you got certain make-up essentials and cosmetics this means you haven’t you used them in a long while and you should most certainly toss them in the trash. On the upside, if you buy your make-up from MAC you can recycle old containers (six) with them and get a new lipstick, lip gloss or eye shadow in return! Here are more tips on when to bin your beauty tools.

Let go of the jewellery

If it’s broken, discoloured, has no sentimental value, never worn and just taking up space in your jewellery box then it is time to let it go. On the upside, if it’s fine jewellery you can pawn it and get some extra cash. Do some research and find out what its value is, which pawn shop is best to sell it at and make some money! Alternatively, if it’s still in a relatively good condition, re-gift it, shhh…

Only keep fresh food

With our busy lives it’s easy to lose track of what we have in our kitchen cardboards and refrigerators. Make it a habit to do a weekly check of your kitchen cupboards and refrigerators for expired, old, rotting and unused food and food products. This not only declutters your kitchen space but you also avoid any unpleasant surprises and persistent pungent smells.

Make a treasure box

If you have keepsakes, souvenirs or memorabilia you don’t use, don’t want to throw away or give away then make a treasure box for them. A measure of sentimental value should be done on the things you choose to put in the treasure box then everything else that does not fit in the box must be thrown or given away. Be firm and honest with yourself, it is really treasure or is it just trash?

Get rid of old notebooks

A significant amount of people have tonnes of notebooks they’ve kept from university days, old jobs, old meetings and so on and so forth. Most of these we keep because we haven’t really thought about throwing them away or we are still illogically attached. Listen, it’s just a notebook, it is not your ID book. Let it go and let positivity flow – cause you know, clutter is negativity.

Sell old or unused electronics

That old cellphone sitting in your dressing table drawer or desk, that old hair dryer gathering dust in your bathroom cabinet, and that cool kitchen gizmo you bought from Verimark but never use – there’s a pawn shop waiting to buy it from you. Alternatively, you can sell it off online from Gumtree or OLX. Stop holding/ hoarding on, declutter and welcome a lighter happier you!

By Cleopatra Shava

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