Drool Over These Red Velvet Cake Jars At Roast Café

Attention red velvet addicts (and cake lovers in general), you’ll want to get your hands on one of these heavenly layered cake jars ASAP. 


Creators of the dreamy Nutella shake topped with a stuffed Nutella doughnut and the glorious six-layer rainbow cake slices, Roast Café, have a new treat for all of you foodies to try. Behold the deliciousness that is the Red Velvet Cake Jar!

The jar contains layers of moist red velvet cake and classic cream cheese icing, finished off with a sprinkling of red velvet cupcake crumbs. Served with both a lid and spoon, we think it’s safe to say that this treat is the perfect on-the-go treat!

Unsurprisingly, the Red Velvet Cake Jars, which go for R58 each, have grown tremendously popular since the café opened earlier this year, and the reason behind it is understandable – the jars are something different done with something familiar.

The only problem you might have after picking up one of these sweet and creamy delights is deciding whether to share it or enjoy it all on your own – we personally find that it’s tough to opt for the latter. Yes, they’re that good!

Want to read more about this trendy spot and their divine cake jars? Go here.

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