Get ‘Summer Ready’

Get ‘Summer Ready’

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Its nearing the end of the year and a kind of ho hum is starting to set in. Emails are responded to later. Phone calls are postponed. My keyboard is full of drool. And I find myself dreaming of being a secret agent who sells hotdogs. How much longer can I possibly pretend to work?

At this time of year where you can almost smell the sea and feel the sand, we are tired. We are very tired – we’ve thought seriously about pencilling in a nervous breakdown for ourselves, but we’ve been through everything this year has to throw at us so many times that it’s damn near impossible to get nervous about much of anything.

Despite (or perhaps because of) all the coulda, woulda, shoulda moments that have come and gone (i.e. like actually going to gym and NOT having that last slice of chocolate cake), I’ve learned how to have a good laugh, an impromptu party, and an impure thought (or two) on a semi regular basis. I mean how bad can it actually be: we have men like Benicio Del Toro walking among us. And my delightfully decadent friend Philippe Frydman recently discovered a recipe for a cookie paste, and get this – the first step involves dipping cookies into this paste! Let’s all take a moment of hushed reverence to contemplate this. First came the polio vaccine, then Neil Armstrong made a giant leap for mankind, and today we actually have the technology to combine biscuits with butter fat, salty with sweet, crunchy with creamy. I firmly believe that what chicken soup does for the common cold, cookie paste and biscuits will one day do for the premenstrual woman.

Another extraordinary discovery I’ve made this year is Planet Beach – a Contemporary Spa, fully automated with all your pre-summer needs.

I recently popped into the Bryanston branch for a tour of the spa and a sneak calorie-loss treatment (who woulda thunk it). I am beyond amazed, the décor is modern and chic. The service is friendly and helpful (from the moment you walk in you fill in a questionnaire and your designated staff member assesses your skin and recommends the best treatments suited to your personal requirements). I was also totally blown away by the fact that I have the option to pay for each treatment individually OR I can choose my own membership, pay a fixed monthly fee, and I’m set for the next couple of months!

My last bit of advice: Forget about what you can’t do! The other day I overheard a snippet of conversation between kids in a store. “Wait,” one child asked, “what are my superpowers supposed to be again?”

We all have superpowers (I myself happen to look very nice in navy), and we all forget them from time to time. Meet an old friend for lunch, visit Planet Beach for a “girly day” and make yourselves a good, long list of YOUR superpowers.

I would highly recommend the Mystic Spray Tan. You get sprayed within 90 seconds (a first in SA) and your tan lasts between 4 – 10 days depending on your skin. No going orange. And no bad odours. I would also recommend that you do a Hydro-Derma Fusion (Hydration Station) before your spray tan as this helps with hydrating the skin.

I’d also suggest getting your free complimentary guest pass and check out the following offerings available at Planet Beach offering a wide variety of services for your total skincare, wellness and stress relief needs:

Massages • Facials • UV Therapy • Mystic Spray Tan • Teeth Whitening • Skincare • Nutrition • Hydration Treatment • Oxygen Therapy • Guided Meditation • Saunatox • Slim pod • Collagen bed with vibra plate

For further information follow the links alongside.

Invest in yourself! Look great and feel even better! Join Planet Beach for their one day sale only this Saturday 27 November 2010. Read more or follow the links alongside for more info.

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