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Debt is not fun. While there are plenty of things that you would love to own, like that stunning Louis Vuitton handbag that you’ve had your eye on for weeks or those awesome RayBan sunglasses that you have just got to have, debt will eventually catch up with you and ruin that shopping spree. If you are battling with debt, and don’t know where to start in order to get out of it, and if you want to be stress and debt free, make sure you give Debtcor a call.

You can put your head in the sand and pretend your financial situation will get sorted out by itself, but those credit providers definitely won’t go away. They will still hold you accountable, and if they need to, even take legal action against you via repossessions or garnishee orders, which will be deducted from your salary. It doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience, does it? If you don’t want to get caught up in this situation, then don’t wait for the worst to happen, take action and do something to alleviate the pressure and to keep you afloat!

Don’t fall deeper into debt with a Debt Consolidation loan

A Debt Consolidation loan may sound tempting to those in debt, as it offers peace of mind, but that’s only for a short period of time. This is where you take out one big loan to consolidate various balances into one, easier-to-handle and less-costly package. But, be careful of what looks to be a quick fix to your financial struggles – all a Debt Consolidation loan does for you is provide symptomatic relief, not a credit cure. Here are three reasons why you should not consider taking out a loan to settle your debt:

• About 70 per cent of consumers who take out a home equity loan or other type of loan to pay off credit cards end up with the same (if not higher) debt load within two years, because it feeds upon the tendencies that got you into trouble in the first place.

• By taking on yet another creditor, you’re adding the proverbial fuel to the fire. In this case, it’s your money that’s burning.

• If you’ve taken on so much debt that you’re looking for more as a solution, chances are you won’t qualify for very low interest rates.

Contact Debtcor today to help you get your debt under control

Debtcor consists of a team of professional debt experts who will give you the support you need to reach your financial goals. They will provide you with a highly-personalised financial analysis and then match it with a debt elimination service that exclusively suits you, your goals and your pocket. The best part is that they offer a FREE consultation which will place you under no obligation to accept offers that are suggested to you, so there is simply no excuse to miss out on this opportunity. Debtcor offers a number of different services to help you on your way to a debt-free life, they will:

Solve debt problems with a consistent and helpful plan of action.

• Offer free consultations, assessments and advice.

• Saving you money by reducing your interest rates and assisting you to manage your debt effectively.

Negotiate with your creditors as part of your debt review service.

Lower your monthly debt repayments into ONE affordable monthly payment.

• Help you avoid extra costs and give you peace of mind.

How to contact Debtcor

For more information about Debtcor, you can:

Call 0861 RELIEF (735 433), sms ‘relief’ to 34007, or email

Visit the Debtcor website at

Join Debtcor on Facebook.

Or, check them out on LinkedIn and Google Plus.

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