Sandton City: Great Places To Shop

Known as one of Africa’s high-status malls, Sandton City has vast become one of the hottest shopping spots with everything you need. Imagine doing your shopping, socialising, dining out and sipping on the world’s finest coffee all under one roof?

And if you’re a bit of a fashionista, Sandton City has all the internationally acclaimed fashion brands to make sure you are in style and keeping up with the latest fashion trends.


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Louis Vuitton

If you are in for class, elegance and a quality brand then an obvious choice would be Louis Vuitton. Known as one of the most lust worthy luxury brands Louis Vuitton recently re-opened in Sandton City’s new Diamond Walk. So if you’re in the mood to spoil yourself and splurge this high fashion store has a couple of things to die for – if not everything.


Fresh from the world fashion capital – Paris, IKKS brings you the latest fashion trends in everything. Here you’ll find quality wear for women, men and the little ones too. Plus, for any classy occasion, you’re bound to find something authentic here.

Thomas Pink

For that perfect tailored suit made, you’ve got to visit Thomas Pink! Class, elegance, style, meticulous attention to detail, crafted shirts, ties and cufflinks is what they specialise in. So if you love being kept well-groomed, this boutique has something just for you.

Collective Art by Charles Greig

If you are into the finest gems, shiniest diamonds or simply have an eye for a good watch, Collective Art by Charles Greig has every accessory to keep you stylish. From branded items including Rolex, Cartier, Month Blanc, Omega, Tagheur, Panerai, Breitling and so much more, this is the perfect place to find a hidden gem.

Stephan Welz & Co

Stephan Welz & Co is an art haven for the creative types and those with a good eye for art. Here you get to auction fine, decorative and investment art, jewels and jewellery, silver, watches and so much more. You’re bound to find a piece perfect for your home or office.


For the latest authentic fashion inspired by our late President, Nelson Mandela, Presidential will dress you up to the nines. The garments found in this store have debuted on the SA Menswear Week fashion runway and includes a range of cloth that stretched from traditional hand painted silk, to Shweshwe to modern digital print.

Forever 21

Ladies, Forever 21 will dress you for every occasion. From high fashion, bohemian, country girl, leather to denim, Forever 21 has all that you need. They’ve got new arrivals for women and men that will keep you dressed in the latest trends and fashion.

Joburg Shopping Festival


For cool, fresh and fun fashion items Factorie is your store! Here you get the coolest denim washes, statement prints, amazing accessories, casual attires and much, much more. And ladies, they’ve got you covered on amazing make-up essentials, all at reasonable prices.

La Martina

If you are all about designer brands, why not pop by La Martina for sports and leisure brands from Argentina. This store takes pride in their rural yet refined aesthetic clothing, high-quality and antique British hardware. It’s also a great stop to shop for dad.


Getting your wardrobe ready has never been easier with Vilebrequin. If you are planning on a wardrobe change for any season then shop at this boutique for all your designer yet comfortable brands in swimwear and winter wear.

Corthay Paris

For handcrafted, authentic, stylish shoes, this classy, elegant and upmarket store will have you stepping out in style. Corthray Paris specialises in shoes that give you personality – from Suede Loafers, Ankle Boots, Derbies, Monks and Oxfords… you’re bound to find your perfect fit. They’ve also got amazing wallets of all sorts to match your shoe.

Hamley’s Toys

Bring smiles, happiness and laughter to your little one and spoil them with a trip to Hamley’s Toys! Your toddler will be taken on an imaginative adventure just by browsing through the finest toy shop in town.

Levingers Dry Cleaners

There’s no need to worry about those slightly damaged clothes and shoes anymore. Thanks to Levingers Dry Cleaners your favourite wardrobe items will be repaired in no time by their tailor made services. From suits of modern fabrics, shirts to even all types of shoes, they’ve got you covered.

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