Greensleeves has entertained well over a million visitors from all over the world! Come and thrill to the songs, stories, and rollicking bawdy fun of the Baron and his Minstrels and join in the choruses. You’ll be addressed as Milord and Milady, entertained right royally. Call “Wench!” – the helpings are splendid and served with great ceremony – mouthwatering fare – all brought by Wenches and Lackeys in period costume, with a flourish of trumpets. Established 1974! – 30 years of original fun and good times!

Rollicking roistering fun! A right royal time to be had by all! Be wary of imitations! Greensleeves has been operating for 31 years and is the Original Medieval feast in SA. Weddings in exquisite taste! Something different for the day you never want to forget. Greensleeves has a beautiful Chapel for ceremonies, and a choice of reception venues.

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Greensleeves Medieval Kingdom is located in Sterkfontein.


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Ben L Says:

. Entertainment not for children under 16. I did ask should I bring 14 year kids with, yes certainly, was the answer to this... Rude sexist - under the belt entertainment from the entertainer...

Kevin L Says:

Medieval setting, with medieval characters, decor, language and clothing. Besides the experience of being transported to the past, there is plenty of entertainment, food and drink. The food is...

Stephane P Says:

The emcee/host made homophobic, outdated and disgusting jokes that ruined my night. After driving an hour to get there and spending my (gay) dollars on this business, it was unconfortable, unfunny...

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