Hidden in plain sight on the top of 7th Street in Melville is Hell’s Kitchen. We’ve all seen the legendary “Be Naked When I Get Home” images flooding Instagram, right? Well, the quirky signage isn’t the only great thing about this place – the overall interior décor is impeccable – from the monochrome tiles and the top hat light fixtures to the bookshelf design and the portraiture of some of our favourite rock n roll icons – talk about culture appreciation on steroids!
In addition to the retro nostalgic interior décor is the carefree and welcoming atmosphere of the place. It has the ability to allow people to be uninhibited and express that in the purest form possible – through dancing and singing. At almost any hour, people at Hell’s Kitchen are dancing and singing along to rock music, and drinking mostly Hellfire cinnamon whiskey. If not, then they’re sitting outside, drinking wine and socialising or have opted for a more intimate get together in the bar’s secret room (hint: it’s behind the bookshelf!).
The characters you’ll find in the bar are almost always highly intriguing. (Picture what it’d be like if a fountain of youth met Woodstock Festival in the 90s and had a futuristic baby.) A well of endless potential to further explore human existence, and the brilliance of Johannesburg that we often overlook is what you’ll find at this Melville gem.

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by Cleopatra Shava


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Hell’s Kitchen is hidden in plain sight on the top of 7th Street, Melville.


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cherel_travel Says:

From making the booking it was a really good experience. I booked for a birthday and nothing was too much to ask or not possible. They easily took a large table, suggested food options and even on...

Tandlet Says:

Amazing, friendly staff, food was great and an awesome wine list. Their Hellfire makes the whole night worth it.

MatthewJHB Says:

We took in a slice of Melville’s diverse culture recently on a Saturday afternoon visit. While we saw a guy fast asleep inside on the stage (who later turned out to be the resident musician) and a...

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