Inner City Street Shopping

Joburg has not only become a major entertainment hub for all socialites, business platform for all hustlers, club ground for all party goers, and library for all students, but it’s also a ground of fashion… literally.

InnerCity Shopping

Joburg loves fashion! And while the economy might not be entirely on our side, that doesn’t stop Joburgers from cashing in on the latest and oldest trends including the popular fashion from the ’80s, ’90s and even 00s.

Half of the inner city is scattered with street outlets with traders selling everything from designer clothes, to imported and local attires, bags, hats, shoes, jackets, skirts and dresses – all second hand, of-course, ranging from R3 to R70. Yes, you read correct!

‘Kwa-Dunisa’, as it’s famously known, embraces the legacy of European Labels, H&M, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera, Jimmy Choo and Balmain. They can all be found on the crates, with hundreds of people neck deep trying to find the perfect attire.

There’s something for everyone!


So why is everything so cheap, you ask? Well, these are clothes sold by vendors who are merely making a living. They don’t care what brand it is or how much it costs in reality, they just want to make ends meet. And of course, these are second-hand clothing brought in by the wealthy who are making a donation to the vendors.


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