An Interview with Keegan Basil

For the past four years Keegan Basil has taken the modelling world by storm. But the storm did not stop there. Keegan has since taken on the airwaves with his own radio show on Hastag Radio. Check out our little interview…


What came first, the model or the radio personality?

I started modelling back in 2012 and found radio only three years later in 2015.

Tell us what made you decide on modelling?

I’ve always been very drawn to the entertainment industry and from a young age I saw my passion and love for acting quickly develop into a life goal. I saw modelling as a doorway into this very comprehensive industry and learned everything I needed to know to branch out into presenting and acting.

If you could give two tips to an aspiring model what would they be?

I strongly believe that to be the best at what you do you need to be a reflection of your passion and your love for what it is that you do. Ultimately without wanting to aspire to be the best we lose the means to inspire others.

And go into the industry with an open mind and know that your best might not be the same as the rest of your board but believe that your best is the best for you.

How big a role does social media play in the modelling and radio personality worlds?

Social media is, if not the most important tool in the success of your brand. Being able to relate and be inclusive to your audience on these platforms will only be of best interest to you. It becomes a way of life because almost everyone uses these platforms these days.

Can you tell us about Aspiring to Inspire

I was brought up teaching myself that in order to get to a place in your life where you are content and happy, you need to learn to push through obstacles and teach yourself how to stand up and go for what you want to achieve. Taking in mind that through this process inspiring people on your journey so they can see their potential as well.

Tell us about your radio slot and what it’s like to work in radio

The KeeganB Show is live on air every Monday and Wednesday from 12:00 to 14:00 and then again on Friday from 10:00 to 12:00

It’s such a great medium to express my passion and love for what I do, to such a large scale, using my voice to project my aspirations to inspire many.


Do you have any advice for people who would like to become a radio presenter

Aspiring presenters should always remain dreamers, never stop dreaming and persevering – it’s what’s going to give you the ability to want to succeed at what you do.

Remember that hard work is important, there are so many personalities out there, how is your personality different to the rest. Stay true to your brand. You are your brand.

If you had to choose between a prime time radio slot at a major radio station which pays you tonnes of money or a top modelling job in Milan which pays below average which would you choose?

I’d have to choose Radio.


For those who don’t know, can you tell us what Hashtag Radio is all about?

Hashtag is a Launchpad for entrepreneurs, SME’s, Charities, Artists, DJ’s and Events. We are an online radio station with live streaming.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Such a job interview question, haha but we’re talking about Keegan B here. What’s the road ahead looking like?

Well God willing “The KeeganB show” will be aired on your local television stations across the globe continuing its legacy of Aspiring to Inspire.

Do you have any exciting things lined up which you can tell us about?

“The KeeganB show” will be starting a YouTube channel where all our listeners/viewers will be able to watch online and for me to showcase more of my personality and favourite fashion styles along with fitness tips and much more.

As a Capetonian what are your thoughts on Johannesburg? 

I definitely think that Johannesburg is an acquired taste but such a big part of the beauty of this country so I can only pay my respects for the guys over there doing their thing.

These are all Keegan’s important handles:

–  Website                          :

–  Instagram                       :  @keeganbasil

–  Facebook Page              :

–  Twitter                            :  @thekeeganbshow

–  Hashtag Radio Channel :

–  Linkedin                          :  Keegan Basil


By Shawn Greyling

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