IT Corner is the perfect base of operation for creative, innovative, vibrant, young businesses and professionals like freelancers, creatives, consultants and mobile workers to plug in, work, network and have a unique cup of coffee at the same time.

This cool, urban location in the heart of Melville, Johannesburg is the ideal environment to connect with like-minded individuals. Our café is ideal for today’s professionals; with free internet access, on-site tech help, online backup, web hosting and design, and depending on what you need, separate areas for reflection and creativity, a meeting room to host clients and a hub for mingling.

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Coffee, A4 double sided copies and free wifi. The IT Corner is a cafe with a technological twist.

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    IT Corner
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    3rd Ave & 7th Street,
    Johannesburg, 2092

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thediningroom2015 Says:

This is a fabulous place to have meetings and to get work done. The space is open and well ventilated and the seating is very comfy. Coming from Cape Town is so nice to find an IT cafe where the...

Vhusi P Says:

This is a beautiful example and urban rejuvenation. The restaurant is in a very beautiful area. The food is excellent. There are IT things to pick from, like Lane Cables, wifi, etc. hence the name IT...

Evans2186 Says:

Sad to say this place but the IT Corner has more potential. We came for lunch and ordered the seafood platter and it took over an hour to come and the poor waiter was very apologetic and it didnt...

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