Joburg On A Budget – Fun Shouldn’t Be Expensive!

I can’t speak for everyone when I say this but I’m pretty sure most of you will agree that January isn’t the best month when it comes to money. We often get our salaries early, which is great when buying presents in December but it leaves January with a deficit. So every year around this time, I like to put together one of these lists to help all our readers realise that there are lots of great things you can still do without spending a fortune. Don’t let January get the best of you – grab your camera and make the most of this otherwise dull month!

Joburg’s Bustling Art Scene

This might seem obvious to some of you but I guarantee that many of you still haven’t done an art tour of Joburg. Johannesburg is home to some iconic galleries, not to mention a barrage of modern, niche spaces and they all host the most thought provoking and inspirational local art. I guarantee you’ll have a fantastic day and not spend a cent doing it (unless you’re compelled to buy art, that is).

Galleries are spread throughout the city but I suggest doing one of the ‘art routes’, as they are now being called. My favourite is the Rosebank Art Route which boasts a bunch of the best galleries, and they are all within close proximity to each other. Start at Circa on Jellicoe at the corner of Jan Smuts and then make your way down past Resolution Gallery, Goodman, David Krut and Gallery 2. They all have great shows on at the moment and the best part is that the shows change out every few months, so there’s always something new to see!

Another popular ‘art route’ is the Maboneng Art Route. Here you’ll find something for everyone ranging from popular street art spots to the Museum of African Design and lots more. Like the Rosebank Art Route, you can just park in one place and then walk which is nice. I’d say that the Maboneng Route might be more suitable to those looking for something a little younger because they also play host to Adidas Area3 which is a forward thinking art and event space run by the popular footwear company.

The Healthy Option

My wife signed us up to the free local Park Run in Modderfontein last year and despite me not really being an active type, I’ve actually come to enjoy it. I’d go so far as to say that I look forward to it each Saturday and I’ve never felt better!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Park Runs, they are 5km routes which take place in the most stunning parks and are open to all to enjoy. You might be wondering how this is different to you just running around the block a few times and I’ll try and explain. The Park Runs are firstly stunning considering they take place in some of Joburg’s best parks (Delta Park, Modderfontein Park etc.) but also make for a lot of fun because the whole community gets involved. Our last run had over 1 000 runners and walkers and all of them are from the greater community, so it’s a great way to meet people. They also have a whole system worked out that tracks your times each week which gets tabulated and sent to you via email later in the day. It’s great because it helps inspire you to do the next one, just to see if you can do better. Both walkers and runners are welcome! Don’t hesitate to sign up today, I guarantee you’ll have fun and feel better than you’ve ever felt!
Click here to find out more and to register for free!

In 2 Fresh Market in Modderfontein

Markets are great when you’re trying to work to a budget because unlike a restaurant, you don’t have to eat a meal to relax and take in the atmosphere. The In 2 Fresh Market in Modderfontein is a perfect example. There’s face painting for the kids, seating areas in the shade where you can enjoy a cup of freshly roasted coffee or even a craft beer from Oakes Brewery who is also on the property. You could wander the market, grab a drink, let the kids mission around and you’d likely spend under R100 for the whole afternoon. Great value for money considering how relaxing and fulfilling it can be. The Market is open every last Saturday of each month. Read all about it here.



Visit a Park People think Joburg is all cement and urban jungle but the opposite is actually true. Johannesburg is, as a city, one of the biggest man made forests in the world. This stems back to the mining days where deeds were often granted with the condition that owners plant 50 trees on the land. Joburg has some of the most stunning parks in the world too. It seems that the Joburg municipality always placed a strong emphasis on keeping the city green and it has paid off in the form of well kept and luscious parks.

There is a park in almost every area so you have no excuse! Some of my favourites include James and Ethel Gray Park in Melrose, Mushroom Farm Park in Sandton (this one also features really cool outdoor gym equipment that you can use for free), Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, Modderfontein Reserve (small charge to get into this one), Delta Park in the Blairgowrie area and Gillooly’s Farm in Bedfordview. Pack some picnic goodies, get the friends and family together and head down to your local park for a day of old fashioned fun on a budget. You’ll thank me for this one!

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