Joburg reader experiences with HYPOXI

Joburg reader experiences with HYPOXI

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Look in the mirror and love what you see…put on that outfit and ooze with confidence. HYPOXI therapy has given our readers the joy of losing fat and cellulite in less than 3,5 weeks. This revolutionary therapy, developed by a team of Austrian doctors, has a 100% success rate and is a non-invasive approach to targeting your hips, tummy, thighs and buttocks. The convenience of the treatment means you can do it in your work clothes during your lunch hour – perfect for busy schedules! Be it that you want to break through a training plateau, or you want to sculpt those stubborn areas, or simply want to look great at an upcoming function, HYPOXI therapy will help you achieve your desired results see what some of our readers have to say about their experience.

Age: 34yrs

Big bum, small middle was the story of my life – no matter what or how much exercise, I just never managed to lose the centimetres around my buttocks. That was till I started HYPOXI. Now the complements coming my way’s not “you got beautiful hair” no it is “wow you got a hot ass”. It is effortless and the friendly, well groomed staff makes it a good experience every time. HYPOXI helped me to lose centimetres.

Age: 42yrs

“I combined HYPOXI with a sensible eating schedule (including cutting back on the alcohol) and cardio and weight work-outs, and lost 7 cm’s (almost 10%) around the stomach – which is more than a dress size! This even though I took a two week holiday (where all the rules were ignored) about two thirds of the way through my course. The cm loss was visibly noticeable, and faster than I have ever managed to achieve before. All I can say is HYPOXI works – if you want to change your body than HYPOXI is the treatment for you.

Age: 31yrs

I was starting to give up hope of ever dropping these extra kilo’s that I put on and was getting quite miserable about the fact that none of my clothes were fitting. I had tried various forms of exercise and with my hectic schedule was not able to continue exercising as most places require at least an hour of your day. So in February I decided to change the way I ate. This meant a complete shift in my life from eating odd hours, sometimes not at all, to eating more consistently and more times during the day. BUT to be honest I was doubtful that HYPOXI could actually work, I mean, its 30 minutes in a space machine, would that really help me lose the love handles and cellulite?

I started my first session of HYPOXI and I was truly amazed at the results, after 4 sessions, I could start feeling a difference in my pants. After my first session, I had fantastic results, with a loss of 4 cm in some places.. I set myself a goal that by my birthday, I would’ve lost all additional cm’s and weight and by the time my birthday came, I had almost achieved my goal. Still a little way to go and still continuing on with my HYPOXI Sessions. I have done 2 ½ sessions and without HYPOXI, I doubt that I would’ve achieved my results in such a short space of time.

I would recommend HYPOXI to anyone that is tired of the struggle of losing the cm’s in the hard areas like bums and waists, it has worked for me and it’s a brilliant idea to get you on the right path of eating healthy and taking care of your body. At the end of it, if you don’t do anything about your body, you cannot complain and be miserable. Make the choice, change your life and try a session of HYPOXI. You will NOT regret it!

Age: 28yrs

HYPOXI is the best kept secret in the weight-loss space. I found out about it on the internet whilst doing some research on liposuction, to my surprise there was a cheaper, more socially acceptable and less painful alternative. At first it sounded too good to be true, but once I had gone through the entire course, I knew that “hips do not lie!” I have lost a total of 35cm and 2kg in a month and also enjoy the added benefit of firmer skin and less visible cellulite. I’m totally glad that I took the chance and now cannot wait for my second course and more amazing results.

Age: 40yrs

The first time I heard about HYPOXI was from my sister, and I instantly knew it was exactly what i needed. It is the most effective treatment for targeted fat loss in problem zones of the stomach, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs and cellulite reduction to come on the market.

Age: 35yrs

Finally something that works! I am thrilled with my results and don’t think I would have reached this weight loss ever without the help of HYPOXI. As a mom of 2 young kids and having limited free time, it was ideal as it only took 30 minutes three times a week and I even felt good while on the programme, the benefits are great.

Age: 36yrs

I am a 36 year old mom from Pretoria. After only 7 treatments I lost 2 kgs and 29cm. By sticking to the HYPOXI Nutritional Guidelines and eating plan on the treatment days and with the help of friendly staff, it was quite easy to do. I recommend it to anyone who needs to drop a dress size or two.

Age: 37yrs

UNBELIEVABLE! I heard about HYPOXI therapy from a friend in our estate and decided to try it. As I never did any form of exercise (not even gym work) I was very sceptical about the therapy. After 2 courses of HYPOXI not only did I lose 39cm and 8.1kg, I also noticed an increased fat metabolism. I see amazing results and my body has changed drastically. I am also not feeling bloated all the time anymore. I am signing up for my 4th course of treatments with HYPOXI Centurion. I am totally addicted and have never come across results like this from any other form of therapy. Thank you HYPOXI, you have changed my life, and I am glad to have found something that actually works.

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