The Jozi Craft Beer Fest 2016 – A Proper Jol

“You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline.” I decided to steal this line from the grave of American muso Frank Zappa, after the fifth refill of my pint glass at this weekend’s Jozi Craft Beer Fest.


Day drinking can be hazardous to your health, right? So I always judge a “day drinking jol” not only on the variety of liquids that can be funnelled down one’s oesophagus, but how the event coordinators go about setting everything else up for the day (from parking to port-a-loos). The fifth Annual Jozi Craft Beer Fest, held at Mark’s Park this weekend was a knock-out success, not only because there was enough craft beer on tap to comfortably float a duck upside down, but because everything on the day ran like clockwork (and that’s not always that easy to pull off).

So what did I like about how everything was set up at the Jozi Craft Beer Fest?

Secure parking. When I’m cruising around Jozi, I’m always looking for that peace-of-mind, right? The guys had that adequately covered. They also ticked off ample shade with a monster styled bedouin tent, port-a-loos for days (because we know how quickly beer moves through the human body) and also some rad beer drinking activities like table tennis for patrons looking to find their inner Rodger Federer at the bottom of a beer glass (the activities were a sweet touch I thought).

The sun made an appearance and the atmosphere was really nice and chilled with the DJs rocking some great sets on the ones and twos and the event organisers even managed to arrange an ATM for blokes, like myself who quickly realised that the afternoon had set itself up nicely for more than a one or two draughts… good thinking on their behalf.

And how was the beer? That’s the million buck question, isn’t it?

It was good man – the five or six I managed to square off.


So all the major craft beer boys showed up for the event – CBC, Striped Horse, Jack Black, Aces, Darling, Smack Republic – just to name a few and for a gate fee of R150 you got your pint glass and a chance to amble around, sampling at least 25 of SA’s hottest craft beer specialists. A pulled pint of golden nectar would set you back around R30 (which is reasonable) and a chow to line your stomach about R50.

I was actually pretty impressed with the variety of food vendors on offer and how easy it was to catch a graze (we all know what a mission it is to cruise for hours trying to get your hands on something to eat, when you should be getting down to some serious beer drinking.

If you didn’t manage to get down to the fifth annual Jozi Craft Beer Fest on Saturday then you missed a trick. It was an awesome sunny day spent sitting around on hay bales, listening to the sweet sounds of Jozi DJs while everybody slowly nursed a few beers brewed by dudes (and dudettes) who actually care about the product they put out.

Mr Zappa, you missed out on a jol this Saturday. Count me in for the next one for sure



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