Maximise Your Stay In Joburg With MAX Executive Apartments

Hands up if you enjoy a fast-paced and energetic lifestyle? If you’re all about the city life, chances are your hand just shot into the air at the mention of that. The truth is, some of us like convenience – and where better to get that than at an Aparthotel.

Now, you may or may not have heard of that term before, so for those of you that haven’t, an Aparthotel is basically a residential space with all the perks of a hotel (sounds perfect, doesn’t it?). But what is it like to actually stay in one of them? Well, we decided to check out a recently-established Aparthotel in Sandton – MAX Executive Apartments.

The moment my husband, Brenden, and I walked through the door, we got that heartening, ‘hotel vibe’ – you know, that feeling you get when you book a getaway because you’re looking for a little rest and relaxation, and you just know that all your needs will be taken care of. Anyway, the staff at the front desk are well-equipped and ready to assist you with any request that you may have – and yes, it gets better.

The two-bedroom rooms (or rather apartments) are spacious with modern furnishings – think a kitchen with all the amenities, a lovely lounge area, and enough space for a simple dining room set. The toilet is separate from the shower and bathroom (and did I mention how spacious the shower is – it’s true, size does matter!). The rooms are luxurious and contemporary, and a dream to sleep in (trust me).

Maximise Your Stay In Joburg With MAX Executive

One of the things that I love about MAX Executive Apartments is its proximity to shops and eateries in the surrounding areas. That is, perhaps, why we decided to indulge in a dinner at Sophia’s Bistro in Illovo Square (which is literally a hop and a skip away from them). The short walk there in the early evening was utterly romantic, and the restaurant itself mirrored that feel. Sophia’s almost feels like a hidden gem to me, and is perfect for a fancy dinner (or even lunch) for two.

As tough as it was to decide, I went with the Baked Camembert, which is topped with marmalade and comes with a side of ciabatta toast as a starter (so good!), and Brenden opted for the Calamari Greco, which was equally tasty (I may have picked a few off of his plate)! For the mains, I had the creamy Ravioli Salmone, and Brenden had the Stolen Lamb (Kleftiko), which was super tender. To round off a hearty dinner, we indulged in a refreshing Lemon Sorbet – it was just yummy!

Once we rolled (yes, rolled!) ourselves out of Sophia’s and back to MAX Executive Apartments, it was off to bed for a much-needed night’s rest!

Maximise Your Stay In Joburg With MAX Executive

You may be happy to know that this Aparthotel offers a buffet breakfast (for those of you that like to fill up your tummies before work), as well as a lovely pool area, Wi-Fi, and daily cleaning and servicing.

All in all, in our stay there was truly enjoyable and is something I would recommend for those that are visiting our lovely city, as well as those that are looking for a home away from home, for a night or two. Enjoy!

By Nicole Naidoo

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