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I must say that I have become VERY good at recycling paper since having children. My darling 4-year old thinks nothing of using 20 sheets of paper in one sitting, and it is always MUCH faster to get the paper out of my printer than heading to the playroom and digging in the cupboard. And so, I happily keep ALL my printouts and have a huge pile of “scrap paper” for her to play with. Which is great. Except for the fact that I keep EVERYTHING and don’t sort through and destroy the very private stuff like proof of payments, copies of my ID that I no longer need etc etc. And so, details of every part of my life gets merrily painted on, taken to school as pictures for Kayla’s teacher, or tossed in the bin.

Until we were the victims of credit card fraud. And until I heard a few frightening statistics about identity theft. And so now I have a BRAND new toy – the shredder!

And oh, how I love my shredder. I love it so much that I want to marry it and have its little shredder babies. It is small and compact, very glossy, and sits quietly next to my desk waiting patiently to be fed. Every now and then, when I need to get rid of something with my bank details, ID number or personal details, I just lean over and slide it into the shredder. And within seconds, it is in little tiny pieces. And I am happy.

In fact, I love my shredder so much that I have begun shredding things that annoy me – an article that just didn’t work (shredded), a bill that I have already paid (shredded), my To Do list (shredded), and even the business card of a very annoying sales person who won’t leave me alone (shredded).

It’s gotten to the point that I am seriously thinking of inviting my friends over for shredding sessions. It is SO much cheaper than therapy, it gives me the most ENORMOUS sense of satisfaction, and it’s also probably one of the wisest purchases I have made in a while. Especially because my Financial Team has started using it too (after they have stood in line and begged “IS it OUR turn, yet?”) It’s quite amazing what we have left lying around the office. I seriously doubt any one of us will be a victim of identity theft any time soon!

The shredder I chose is from Fellowes (I am a fan – do your research like I did, or just give this one a go). It is remarkably sturdy, has a safety lock for children (or idiotic members of the tech team), and was a LOT less pricey than I expected.

I love mine. I have even named it Shrek.

Visit the Fellows promotion page for more information or follow the links alongside.

We are giving away 5 of these handy shredders to lucky readers. Entering is easy – simply email Shaun, include your contact information, and your email will be put in to the lucky draw. One entry per person. Entries close on Friday, 17th September 2010.

Good luck!

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