Mexican Favourites and a Stunning Food Truck with Amexicano

I’ve been watching the food truck scene explode in Joburg over the last year or so and I’ve got to admit, I’m a sucker for the trend. Something about the street food scene just peaks my interest so when I see a new one on the scene, you know I’m going to be writing an article and letting you all know about it. Amexicano is Joburg’s latest food truck, selling all your Mexican favourites and their food truck is a sight for sore eyes. Read on to find out about this new and stunning food truck!

It goes without saying that Mexican food is all the rage at the moment; Baha Taco were the original Mexican street vendors and with places like Mama Mexico and Perron popping up, it looks set to stick around for some time. I’ve mentioned in many of my articles how Joburg desperately needs more choice on the Mexican front and it’s guys like these that have made it a reality.

I heard about them a few weeks ago while procrastinating on Facebook and have been trying to pin down a review for weeks, until just the other day when I heard they were going to be at Craft Revolution beer festival, which I was going to be attending anyway – and I’m happy I did!

Their menu is simple with all the Mexican favourites like Tortillas and Tacos, but I found it interesting that they also do classic American roadhouse favourites like burgers and sliders. Amexicano is another welcome addition to the scene and I hope to be seeing them around at all the festivals and markets soon.

Catch up with Amexicano on Facebook to find out where they’ll be next.

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