Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is approaching and what better way to celebrate your mom than showing her how much you appreciate her with a gift? If you’ve hit a wall on what gift to get her, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

DIY: Art piece

For something with high sentimental value, draw or paint an art piece for mom. It can be anything from an abstract portrait of her, or a painting of her and the family – anything you know will appeal to her and definitely warm her heart. You can go all out with art supplies for this, or find a creative way to use things around the house, in the garage and/or your pencilcase.

Buy: “Best Mom” coffee mug
“Best Mom” or “Number One Mom” and things along those lines are always a great option especially if mom doesn’t already have her own special mug. But you could push the envelop on this one and get her a even more personalised novelty mother’s day gift at a range of the novelty gift stores around Johannesburg and online. Just do a quick search and it should be easy to find one.

DIY: Origami flowers

Put your DIY skills to the test and make mom some Origami flowers. What’s great about these is, if kept away from water or any external damage, she can keep them forever! And the fact that you made them yourself adds even more sentimental value to them. You don’t even have to limit yourself to just flowers, you can make her Origami anything – visit this site for more ideas.

Buy: Jewellery box

You could either buy your mom an engraved jewellery box with a personalised message for her. Or you can buy her one that isn’t so Mother’s Day oriented but useful to keep her fine jewels nonetheless. This is also great gift especially if you are/ were that naughty child who used to tinker around and break your mom’s jewellery. Time to pay up!

DIY: Handmade card

Forget buying a card and make a special one for mom. You can keep it simple and make one out of cardboard and decorate that. Or you can go all out for mom, still use cardboard, but add more of a creative twist to it. You can make anything from pop ups to chandelier/ hanging type of cards. If it sounds like too much admin, don’t be alarmed, visit this site for ideas and how to’s.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Buy: Engraved necklace or bracelet

You could always get mom a beautiful necklace or bracelet you know she’ll love, but if your budget allows, go the extra mile and have it engraved for her while you’re at it. Have a cute or quirky message there telling her how much she rocks, or something to that effect. Better yet, if you know there is a piece of jewellery she’s been eyeing out, surprise her with that on Mother’s Day!

DIY: Bookmarker

If your mom is a bookworm definitely make a unique bookmark to give her something to smile at while she’s lost in literature. You can design a cardboard bookmark for her were you can add “Best Bookworm Mom” or “The Bookworm Mommy” or whatever else you can come up with. Alternatively, you can make a unique yarn ball bookmark for her – see how on this site.

Buy: Bouquet of flowers or a pot plant

We’re yet to meet a woman who does not love and appreciate a bouquet of flowers. Sure it’s corny and obvious but it is really does make one smile? Remember, you can’t just get her flowers and that’s it – flowers should be an add on, just cause she deserves it. If you want to get her something more long lasting, go for a pot plant or a cute succulent plant. What’s better than a love that only grows?

DIY: Picture Frame

Photographs are something we all treasure. But with social media platforms like Instagram, the art of keeping picture frames in our homes can seem old fashioned. Why not turn “old fashioned” to something more hip sounding like “vintage” or “retro” by making your mom picture frames to keep your treasured photographs? For ideas and tips on how to make your own, visit this site.

Buy: Stationery Kit

There’s something about matching stationery that just warms the heart and pleases the eye. Whether your mom works from home or goes to an office space, treat her with a matching stationery set. Make sure you get all the essentials you know she’ll need from pencil, pen to mini-punch and stapler. Try get the set in her favourite colour and you’re on your way to being her favourite child!

By Cleopatra Shava


Have any Mother’s Day gift ideas you’d like to share with us? Let us know below!

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