Renamed Hyundai Sky Park, Mushroom Farm Park is equipped with an interactive children’s play area, an earth garden, amphitheatre, giant balloon riding facility, outdoor gym and duck pond. Dog walkers are welcome provided that their pooches are on a leash, and the neatly paved walkways are perfect for strollers or joggers. Entrance is free and there are security guards to ensure safety at all times. There are also tables, benches and clean public toilets available.

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3 thoughts on “Mushroom Farm Park

  1. If you are a single female. Beware!!! You will be harassed by the guards from First Security if you find yourself in a secluded spot. Even in broad daylight, stay near the families, anywhere else and you will be a target. They will falsely accuse you of breaking a random park rule and become aggressive towards you. Asking you to come with them and wanting money. Very unsafe for single females because of the guards.

  2. So true FIRST SECURITY guards are aggressive, manipulative and offensive particularly to young, single females. Since they have been “guarding” the park things have changed. Regulars are abused and it is no longer a pleasant excursion. Threats are being made which are unacceptable.


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As part of Hyundai’s investment in greening environmental projects, Hyundai has secured the rights to Mushroom Farm Park for two years. The beautiful park, in the heart of Sandton, provides the perfect place to enjoy nature in a secure environment.

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