Must-Have Winter Accessories

This is the time of year when we stay indoors while snuggled up, and the best way to enjoy your humble abode is to make it as cosy as possible with winter accessories that soothe the soul and keep the body warm. Below we have listed our definite must-haves for this chilly season. Also, you stand a chance to WIN something amazing from Loads of Living!

Large Coffee Mugs

Whether you’re a caffeine addict or a huge lover of hot chocolate, you need a large coffee mug for your home or office. We particularly love the personalised mugs that come with a quirky message that usually speaks to one’s character.  We love the fabulous options from Typo. The best part about large coffee mugs is that they keep your hands warm too.

Large Soup Bowls

During the colder months, it’s unheard of to go a week without a delicious serving of a creamy or tangy soup to warm you up from the inside. Regardless of whether you make your soup from scratch or if you buy the pre-made kind that simply needs to be heated up, soup always goes down a winner. Have a look at the soup passion options from Kitchenique, we love them!

Large Red Wine Glasses

This will seem a little cheesy but doesn’t a large glass of red wine in front of a toasty fire place plus a warm throw over your legs sound absolutely divine? We think so too. You can’t go wrong with this fabulous allegorie premium Burgundy grand gob from Kitchenque. And if you are a fan of The Fixer, aka Scandal, then grab a bowl of popcorn to complete the occasion and enjoy.

Tea Set

As teenagers, many of us associated tea drinking with grannies. But as we grow older, we all learn to embrace our inner grannies and indulge in a variety of tea flavors. Whether you love yourself some decadent African tea from Yswara, or the store-bought Rooibos, Earl Grey or green tea, there is a tea set which needs to be involved somewhere in all of this. We love the Maxwell & Williams white blush cup, saucer and plate set from Boardmans.

Decorative Pine Cones

In celebration of Christmas in July, add some pine cones to your living room or dining room scheme to create the perfect winter ambience. You could either add a few to your side table, dining table or windowsill. Where ever you prefer to show them off, they ought to make your space look amazing.

Mood Lighting

Whether you have a fireplace or not, some additional mood lighting to your living room definitely wouldn’t hurt. You could have a look at some of the places we featured for our bold lighting feature because they also stock mood lighting. Alternatively, take it online and get your perfect light fitting from Superbalist. They have some really nifty options that are to die for!

Scented Candles

Scents can really make or break a space. Make sure your space is one that is difficult to leave by adding some glorious scented candles from Yankee Candles. We adore the jar candle options, which come categorised in seasons, flavours and themes. Have a look at their winter options to find your perfect match.

Winter Throws 

Sure, a fireplace or oil heater does a good job of keeping you warm and toasty. But hy not be extra cosy by snuggling into a warm throw? Throws are always great to have in the living room during winter. Best still, you can ditch the heater and cut on your carbon footprint by just investing in tons of snuggly throws. We love the optionss from Loads of Living! Forget buying, enter the competition below to start a chance to WIN!

Have we left out any winter accessories you rate are a must-have? Tell us about them below!

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