Of Diaries, Notebooks and Pens etc.

Of Diaries, Notebooks and Pens etc.

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It is always sad when you lose a friend- particularly one who was so good at helping out. And when you have no warning of their going it comes as a real shock.

So it was with Eastgate Stationers. I went on one of my irregular visits, only to find that they had gone. Not only gone, but the shop had been guttered and was hidden behind colourful boarding whilst renovations were under way. A kind lady, in the shop next door, told me that they had closed down. She offered to sell me some diamonds and pearls instead – but somehow that seemed unfaithful, not to mention more expensive!

I can’t say that I had been the best of friends to them, but I always enjoyed the visit and, invariably, came away with something that I wanted. Often it was notebooks. Now I love notebooks – not your everyday school exercise books, but those that invite you to record ideas and impressions in flowing script and majestic words. They were the one place where I knew that I could find attractive Travel Journals. (History will pause to give thanks that I was inspired to write such glowing accounts of my journeys in these attractive volumes.) It was a special shop, with its own mystique, which attracted you around the corners, to look one last time for that elusive something, without which you could not live! So farewell friend – and wherever your people are, thank you for the joy and good service which I enjoyed so much.

Fortunately, I have another friend, different in their own way, but with most of the things amongst which I enjoy browsing. Now, next to notebooks, I enjoy pens and they stock a wonderful variety. My favourite for a long time was the Pentel blue and silver Energel. It looked far more elegant than your average orange ballpoint and wrote like a dream. I bought a number as they ran out – until I discovered that you could take them apart and insert a refill. So then I bought all the refills in the shop, and now have my pens scattered everywhere.

However, they also stock files, a range of notebooks other than the common moleskin(!), art materials, photo albums, paper, and a whole host of large and small stationery items, for office, home and hobby, including diaries. Did I mention that I have a passion for diaries? I once used the big time management diaries in which I could record all the information that I would never look at again. Then I decided that I wanted a smaller, and slim, appointment diary – but not one that you had to turn on its side to read. Just consider the damage that you might do to your wrist, after having performed the same sideways movement, a number of times a day, for a whole bunch of years! I wanted one that I could pick up and open straight away, and then wait whilst others performed their ritual hand dance. I found it here.

Normally, I do not look to share my friends, but I would hate to lose this one as well. So, if you are looking for a large, well-stocked stationers, with very friendly and helpful staff, where you will be able to choose from a good selection of items – then try Sandton Stationery and Print, in Sandton City. They’re good.

By the way, if you are looking for spare cartridges for your Waterman pen, give it a day or so. I think I bought them out!

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Address: Lower Level, Sandton City

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