Original* Iced Cocktails

Original* Iced Cocktails

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The fully imported Italian slush machines are the Rolls Royce of grenadine machines. Available in one, two, or three-barrel designs; a minimum of two X 5 litre bottles of ready-mixed product are required per barrel. A dedicated power supply is also a requirement in order to ensure that all ready-mixed liquid product, correctly freezes within two hours.

Hiring costs:
• One-barrel machine: R300.00
• Two-barrel machine: R350.00
• Three-barrel machine: R400.00
• Stainless steel tables set on wheels, can also be hired for R50.00 per day
• Extension cords are available upon request, at no extra charge
• Hiring fees include free delivery and collection within a 50km radius of Boksburg

The ready-mixed product:
A range of 24 ready-mixed flavours are available, to suit any palate, age and occasion.


Iced product (alcoholic)
• Strawberry Daiquiri
• Margarita
• Pina Colada
Cost: R195.00 per 5 litre bottle


Iced or shaken product (alcoholic)
• Tequila Sunrise
• Mojito
• Cosmopolitan
• Mai Tai
• Singapore Sling
Cost: R195.00 per 5 litre bottle


Iced product (alcoholic, with artificial flavourants – tailored towards the student market)
• Apple Sours
• Artic Blue
Cost: R195.00 per 5 litre bottle

Fruit shakes

Iced product (non-alcoholic, with a dairy base combination with real fruit juice)
• Tropical
• Peach / Apricot
• Mango
• Strawberry
• Coco Pine
Cost: R70.00 per 5 litre bottle


Iced product (non-alcoholic)
• Strawberry
• Cherry
• Grape
• Blueberry
• Apple Sours
• Cola
• Tuty Fruity
• Cream Soda
Cost: R64.00 per 5 litre bottle

Slush machines, together with a pre-selected choice in product, are ideal for:
• Birthday parties (adult and children alike)
• Cocktail parties
• Weddings
• Bacheloret parties
• Corporate functions
• Trade shows

All costs quoted exclude VAT. For further information follow the links alongside.

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