Pet Friendly Cafe and Art Gallery – Burnside Cafe

I wrote an article on dog-friendly parks in Joburg a while ago and was blown away by the response it got. It still gets a few hundred clicks a day just from people searching Google and I have to admit that I never knew quite how desperate people were for pet-friendly spaces. I was reminded of this the other day while reviewing the stunning Burnside Cafe in Craighall Park where dogs are as welcome as their human counterparts, not to mention having an art gallery on site! What more could you want from an afternoon of relaxation?

Situated in leafy Craighall Park, Burnside Cafe is a far cry from your regular mall cafe with a stunning fountain and garden area, a minimalist and original approach to aesthetics, an art gallery on site, not to mention the fact that your dogs are welcome to visit with you. It’s a dream come true for those looking for a classy and relaxed atmosphere while still being able to bring along man’s best friend.

I visited a week or so ago and wasn’t expecting what was in store for me. It’s an oasis just waiting to be discovered and I am happy I did. A huge and beautiful garden leads onto the minimal white cafe where a large focus is placed on the outdoor seating. You get an almost colonial feel looking over the white linen of your table onto the lush, green lawns. The gallery was unfortunately being used as an event space for the day but I got to take a peek and it looks like it’ll be great when it’s all set up. The manager also informed me that they were in the process of restocking the art anyway, so if you’re keen to see the gallery in all its splendor, I’d suggest visiting in a week or so.

The menu is nothing short of perfection. They have a whole page dedicated to the tastiest salads you can imagine which makes sense considering the beautiful outdoor deck and seating. Their heavier meals include everything from burgers and pregos to roast salmon and lamb cutlets and each is prepared with interesting and fresh ingredients. The thing I found particularly interesting was that despite being located in a very upmarket area, the prices are far from intimidating. The burger I had was amazing and came with pickles and hand cut chips and that was only R66.00. Their fillet with chips and gorgonzola salad is just R110.00 while you can get one of their gourmet salads for between R60.00 and R70.00.

Head out to this beautiful part of Joburg, explore the many galleries of Rosebank or walk your dog and then finish with lunch at this fine cafe. It’s a spring and summer must!

Address: 6 Burnside Avenue, Craighall
Telephone (011) 326 3970

By Byron Marais

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