Reasons Why You Should Support Local Florists

Going local is lekker. And that doesn’t apply to only our fashion and food, but also to our flowers! For the last 10 years, the local florist industry has been struggling to keep up. With this in mind, SA Florist has partnered with local florists to create opportunities and open new doors, offering them a great place to showcase their floral and artisanal talent.

Five Reasons To Support Local Florists

Wondering why supporting local is better? Here are five reasons from SA Florist on why you should support the local florist market.

SA Florist

  1. When you buy from a small business, you are supporting dreams. Every purchase makes a huge impact, felt directly by the business owner, and the gratitude is significant.
  1. Local florists offer huge convenience. SA Florist’s geo-locating software ensures that the florist closest to your recipient receives the order, which usually ensures quicker delivery, made with heart and soul every time.
  1. A small business is able to customise your order to get the right look and feel you want more easily.
  1. Your flower order is not being made in a warehouse factory – local florists are creating arrangements from their homes or stores. Every cut flower is carefully chosen and arranged with love and care, ensuring exceptional quality.
  1. As every order you place gets sent directly to a local florist, you are making a positive impact on the local economy.

To see how much of a difference supporting local florists makes, check out this month’s Local Florist Feature with Ellen from Flowers by Ellen.

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