Revolutionary Anti-Ageing Redermalization with Dr Mia

Hyalual is a redermalization product that is revolutionary in the fight against ageing snd delivers fair results thanks to Dr Reza Mia.

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Redermalization is a novel concept in anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine, created to describe the previously unseen effect obtained by combining an injectable product containing both hyaluronic acid  and sodium succinate, hyalual, with specific injection techniques. The term was coined as far back as 2011 but is new to South African shores and describes the targeted anti-ageing effect produced by the techniques mentioned above, which effectively act against three mechanisms of skin ageing.

The following previously described mechanisms of skin ageing affect mainly the dermis (the living layer of skin beneath the keratinocytes):

  1. Dehydration & volume loss: ever decreasing levels of HA in the skin result in decreased water retention which contribute to a loss of volume and the exacerbation of wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  2. Deceleration of metabolic processes: This leads to slower regeneration of collagen and elastin in the skin and accelerated ageing.
  3. Accumulation of free radicals: results in deterioration in the colour and texture of facial skin, causing premature ageing by damaging the cells and their DNA.

The techniques used to achieve redermalization are based on multiple intradermal injections of Hyalual, the patterns used are determined by an assessment of the patients’ skin which separate them into tired, wrinkled and deformational ageing phenotypes. HA stimulates restoration of the dermis by increasing the amount of collagen, through fibroblast stimulation, in the skin, which promotes improved water retention to volumise the skin at various levels. This reduces the visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines and loose skin.



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