Rolling Cherry Roller Rink


Why go?

Roller skating is trending yet again, and finally we have a funky and retro roller rink of our own in the city! Both young and old will have a blast (and a few laughs) skating around the Rolling Cherry Roller Rink. And, to add to the fun, there is also a karaoke room perfect for those you want to show off their singing skills. When you’re feeling a little peckish or need to grab a drink to quench your thirst from all the exercise and fun, there is an on-site eatery available to help keep your energy levels up during your three-hour skating session.

When is it open?

Rolling Cherry is open at the following times:

Thursday to Friday – 18:00 to 22:00

Saturday to Sunday – 09:00 to 22:00

Where is it?

Rolling Cherry, Ariel Empire House, 7 Sivewright Avenue , Maboneng Precinct, Joburg.

How much is it?

For visitors over the age of 12, skating costs R100 per person for three hour session (including skate hire) and R60 if you bring your own skates, and karaoke room entry is R50 per person for one hour.

Entry for children aged between seven and 12 years is R65 for 3 hour skating session (including skate hire) and R30 if they bring their own skates, and R35 to enter the karaoke room.

For more information about Rolling Cherry, call them on 079 247 2331, email or visit their Facebook page.

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Situated on the border of Maboneng, Rolling Cherry is an indoor roller-skating that also boasts a full stocked bar and a Karaoke room.

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