Romantic Dishes that Will Win Her Over

Made it to the second date? Good. Now it’s time to seal the deal and make her yours. Skip the spandex flicks for now because nothing doubles up ‘the special’ quite like hosting a dinner for two. Here are our favourite dinner date recipes that will leave an impression for years to come.

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Butter and Sage Gnudi

Gnudi is almost like gnocchi (those Italian potato dumplings we love so much) but is made from ricotta cheese with little or no flour. This is awesome. The trick is to go above and beyond the old steak, egg and chips deal and actually put in some effort. The butter and sage work very well together and if this dish is not a winner then you’d be better off dating a cardboard box.

Click here for the recipe.

Steak with Mushroom Puff Tartlets

We can call this a de-constructed prime steak pie. It looks good, it’s filling and a great way to impress the lady of your fancy. Tell her you made the puff pastry from scratch; just make sure you tossed the packaging in the bin.

Click here for the recipe.

Fettuccine with Seared Scallops and Prosciutto

Fettuccine literally means little ribbons. Fun fact to toss in while you’re plopping these babies into the pot for a quick boil. The scallops top this dish beautifully and brings it all together. Keep in mind, we want to be different and that’s why we introduce wafer-thin prosciutto crudo ham to the scallops.

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Kahlúa Cheesecake

The dessert is the deal breaker, friend. Fortunately you have us on your side, and with this little number there’s no fail in sight… well, unless you have too much wine and end up rambling on about how much you can bench. Anyway… Coffee liquor and cheesecake – need we say more? This is a baked cheesecake because we don’t believe in setting cakes in the fridge.

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Cream, Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart

British comedienne Jo Brand once said that anything is good if it’s made of chocolate, and we’re sure Jo would approve of this tart. The mixture of salted caramel and milky chocolate stroll hand-in-hand and is a show stopper by far. This is the kind of dessert all ladies have been dreaming of. If it were a person it’d be wearing shining armour… and be drenched in cream.

Click here for the recipe.


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