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Nestling in Poortview with the majestic backdrop of rising hills and
soaring black eagles and abutting the Botanical Gardens is the Shaolin
Temple of South Africa – the only true repository of Shaolin Gong-Fo in

Beautifully positioned with easy access from the N1 concrete freeway the
temple is an amalgam of quiet natural beauty and the mastery of the true
and authentic Shaolin Gong-Fo.

The grounds are wonderfully appointed with many covered training areas,
beautiful gardens, pools, waterfalls and swimming pools. With secure
parking it really lends itself to quiet meditation whilst growing the martial
ability that is so discerning of Shaolin Gong-Fo.

The system and lineage has been in full time practice for seven years at the
Shaolin Temple and the excellence of instruction, quality of training and
access to the true lineage is reflected in the success of the school at many

Benefits of Shaolin Tai Chi Chuan
The access to and practice of Shaolin Tai Chi Chuan is made available
through the direct lineage of 35th Generation Shi Heng Thung
(Master Jurgens), founder of the Shaolin Temple SA. Sifu Jurgens is the
sole representative of the Shaolin Temple in Africa and introduced Shaolin
Tai Chi Chuan at it’s highest and most pure level

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