Spruce Up Your Living Room With SHF’s Sofa Discount!

There is no better feeling than having the luxury of flopping onto your comfy sofa after a hard day of work and indulging in a little relaxation. So, if you don’t get this wonderful feeling when you slump into your spot or need to replace your old faithful, then you need to visit SHF and check out their special sofa discount offer.

Spruce Up Your Living Room With SHF’s Sofa Discount!

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Get 20% Off All Sofas At SHF!

SHF offers shoppers an expansive selection of sofas, which are not only created to be stylish, but also functional. Whether you’re a modular person, or someone who prefers a three div seater to squeeze in next to your loved ones, they will have a sofa that will suit your needs perfectly. Sofas nowadays are investment pieces and could be in your home for forever and a day.



For a limited time only, SHF is giving you 20% off all of their sofas from 18 – 31 July 2016. From classic to modern, there is an array of sofas to choose from. With 25 styles, 17 sizes, 24 fabrics, seven leathers, and now with up to three comfort options, you’ll be spoilt for choice at SHF. Be sure to get to your nearest SHF Gallery to furnish your living room with the most important piece it would need – a SHF sofa.

Find Your Nearest SHF

SHF galleries are located in Ferndale, Kramerville, Pretoria, Ballito, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands.

Visit www.shf.co.za and #followthemasters to join in on their journey of discovery and meet the artisans behind their craft.


For More Information

For more information about SHF or to view what they have to offer from the industry leaders, visit their website at shf.co.za.

You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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