Stock Up On All Things Glass At The Consol Shop’s Red Hot Sale!

Whether you’re a fan of making your own preserves from jams to pickled goods, or enjoy letting your creative juices flow and create stunning crafted items using jars, you will not want to miss out on Consol Shop’s Red Hot Sale! This is just the sale if you’re looking to stock up on all things glass.

The Consol Shop has a massive “Red Hot” sale starting next week, offering shoppers discounts on a huge selection of products stocked at their store in Woodmead. Discounts, which even include recently launched product lines, range from 25% to 35% and even 50% off! You can also expect selected décor items to also be on sale at hard to beat prices.

Why Choose Consol Glass?

When you consider that 80% of South Africans agree that glass is the healthiest packaging*, most environmentally friendly, and things just taste better in glass, choosing to use glass bottles and jars for all your food and beverage requirements is the obvious and best option.

* Ipsos Khayabus Research, November 2013

Made from all natural substances, glass is the best option for storing and preserving the shelf life of its contents for longer, while maintaining their purity. You can store just about anything in glass, knowing that the freshness, nutritional value, and health of the contents will remain intact.

Also, not only is Consol Glass great for preserving, but it is also great for storage and organising a messy pantry. Products such as the Consol My Jars, Store It Jars, and Broadway Jars with patterned lids, work just as well for eye-catching counter display purposes.

And, for great glass inspiration, visit The Consol Shop’s Red Hot Sale and stock up on year-end teacher gifts, table décor items, bottles and jars for your pantry, your arts and crafts supplies, or for packaging gifts in glass. There is something on shelf and on sale for everyone.

Consol Shop Red Hot Sale

What To Expect At The Consol Store’s Red Hot Sale

Wondering which Consol products you can expect to be on sale at the Red Hot Sale? You can stock up on any of the following glass items, and best of all, there are no limits placed on per person sale quantities purchased in-store (while stocks last). There are plenty more items to choose from, so be sure to head to The Consol Shop Woodmead to see what other discounts they have on offer.

Consol Jar in a Jar – 25% Off

Novel and not seen in SA before, the space-saving design of the product sets it apart by keeping everything you want separate, together. Essentially, its two jars of different sizes that fits one inside the other. They share a lid, which when closed, holds them securely together as a single container.

Consol Jug – 25% Off

The new Consol Jug is the perfect dispenser for serving or storing drinks and sauces. With an easy pouring, non-drip angled spout, and a locking mechanism to seal the BPA-free lid; these jugs are as versatile as they are practical and pure.

Consol Grip & Go Active – 25% Off

The trusted Consol Grip & Go™ Active 500ml sports bottle, now fitted with a BPA-free flip top lid, is perfect for keeping hydrated while exercising, or if you’re on the run. Easy to open and close, the spout has been designed for easy drinking on-the-go.

Store-It Jar – 35 % To 50% Off**
(**Discount is size and colour dependent)

This nifty canister jar with a ceramic clip lid is perfect for storing anything from grains and pastas, to cereals and cookies. The Store-It Jar is slick yet practical, and also great as display items. The larger Store-it range traditionally sold with a silver aluminium lid, can also be purchased with one of four colourful polka dot lids.

The Consol Shops Red Hot Sale

Consol My Jar – Up To 50% Off**
(**Discount is size and colour dependent)

The Consol My Jar comes standard with a chalk board and chalk, ideal for labelling the jar contents or for creating a special message. Available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, these trendy glass bottles are versatile and store just about anything.

Consol Curvy – 50% Off

The 350ml Consol Curvy has a curved “waist” that delivers a strikingly modern look. The clear bottle has decorative silicone rings that sit snugly in three grooves in the glass, ensuring they remain in place. Available in eight funky colours, there is a match for every preference.

Broadway Jar – 50% Off**
(**Discount is size and colour dependent)

The bright range of polka dot and plaid lids are the perfect way to add some colour to your home. The delightfully dinky 200ml Broadway Jar range is available in plaid and polka dot closures. The Broadway jar stands on its side for easy storage and access, and is a great on-counter display jar.

Consol Solar Jar – 35% Off

The award-winning Consol Solar Jar is a sustainable alternative light supply that makes it easy to go green! Fitted with solar powered LED lights, the lid has a solar panel that powers the LED batteries for almost 12 hours before it needs to be recharged. Ideal for when the lights go out, for patio dining, or romantic dinners.

Classic Expressions Bottles – 50% Off

The Classic Expressions range of decorated bottles have a signature look and feel and comes in a range of vibrant colours. With the classic milk bottle shape and decorated with text, patterns and colours, the bottles give new meaning to “something old, something new”, and are perfect for keeping your drinks fresh.

When Is It?

Monday, 25 July 2016 to Saturday, 06 August 2016. The Consol Shop Woodmead will be open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00, and Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00.

Where Is It?
The Consol Shop Woodmead,
16 Waterval Crescent, Woodmead, Johannesburg.

For More Information

For more information about Consol Glass and their Red Hot Sale, visit their website at, call the store on (011) 603 2080, or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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