The museum is a beacon of hope and houses a series of 22 individual exhibition areas where visitors can take a walk through history and view the dramatic and emotional journey of racial discrimination and the struggle to over throw Apartheid. The museum gives visitors an understanding and a chance to experience what Apartheid in South Africa was like. A visit to this museum is fundamental.

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To get clued up on South Africa’s history and the rise and fall of Apartheid, the Apartheid Museum is the first of its kind and houses a number of exhibits to stroll through from film footage, photographs, text panels and artefacts.


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newflyer Says:

I am so happy I went to this museum while in South Africa. I have traveled the world and would consider this one of the top 5 museums in the world, up there with the Louvre in Paris, museums in...

Beatriz O Says:

Save, at least, 4 hours to visit the museum if you enjoy learning history. It is really interesting (and quite full!). Maybe a private guide, someone who really understands about this time, could be...

david-the-banker Says:

Not to be missed The only parallel I can think of, whether as a museum or record of man's inhumanity toward man is Yad Vashem, the holocaust museum in Jerusalem. The random and arbitrary nature...

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