The Guy’s Guide to Face Masks

The skin you were born in is the skin you will wear for the rest of your life, so be sure to take good care of it. Leave the macho-man bravado at the door and man up. For the sake of journalism, resident writer Shawn Greyling plunged face first into the world of face masks, in a pink Hello Kitty onesie…


If there’s one thing I could never understand until now is why guys would put in any effort to take care of their faces. I’ve always thought that the best way to approach sexiness is to rub Vaseline in your hair and maybe knock back a couple of years with the old toothbrush… Well, this all changed after a pretty girl conned me in to donning a onesie with cat ears and smeared honey all over my face, because “It’ll hydrate your skin…”

That particular incident evolved into an article, and here it is – complete with a pink Hello Kitty Onesie and a tonne of information on how to make that mug of yours look and feel healthy. I started out fairly sceptical thinking that face masks are more of a gimmick than a grace. Boy, was I mistaken… The trick is to choose the right face mask. For this I did the guy thing by going to the chemist and grabbed the cheapest packets of goo I could find. Sorted. Winners in my book would be a cleansing and moisturising cream mask which contain Rooibos and vitamin E. Check it, Rooibos extract aids in the development of healthier looking skin. It is rich in anti-oxidants which help fight the harmful effects of free radicals… whatever that is. Vitamin E’s beneficial properties include helping to diminish the appearance of scar tissue and correcting skin tone.

The last thing I wanted to do was go full metro-sexual, so I decided to stick to cream masks. Cream masks are often packed with rich moisturisers and oils to help replenish and plump up skin… so manly, right? Well, yes in fact. Do you think Brad Pitt would have the girls swoon if he washed his face with dish washing liquid every day? Nope. We’ve gotta take care of ourselves, okes, says the guy in the pink onesie. If you shave your mane then face masks are for you, brother. Check it, after shaving put on a cream face mask, play a round of Call of Duty and go wash yourself off. Done! For those of you who rock a beard like a bear, apply the mask to the spots of face that aren’t covered by hair and pair your mask with a round of Battlefield. 

In conclusion, face masks are pretty cool. They itch when they dry out, make you look like a sad ghost and stains your bed sheets… but the end result is happy skin that’s ready to hit the night with a sexy bang. Go for it. Share this with a buddy and organise a sleep over. Throw some beers and Knight Rider re-runs in there and you have a good night in. You’re welcome

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