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It’s April already and Easter is this weekend. Easter is an exciting time for most children, but often not for those at the Johannesburg Children’s Home…

While many of the girls and boys are able to visit family for weekends or holidays, some children aren’t as lucky. It’s hard to see their sadness at knowing they’ll be left behind when their friends leave …

That’s why the Johannesburg Children’s Home needs help with sponsorship of fun activities and outings for our children during the holidays. Your generosity today will mean that they can also look forward to a special time.

A small donation will help them to plan Easter events like egg hunts, buy chocolate bunnies and delicious treats, and take the children on interesting and exciting outings during the school holiday.

Here’s hoping that your Easter is filled with all your favourite things including the laughter of the children in your life.

For more information, contact the details alongside, or visit The Johannesburg Children’s Home online.

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