The Radium Beer Hall

The Radium Beer Hall

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The Radium Beer Hall needs no introduction in Johannesburg, established in 1929 this venue has been hot in the public since. Situated near the city the Radium enjoys an old school city like atmosphere, the rumble and bustle of Louis Botha (a main City Road) makes you feel as if you are sitting in a pub on a high street in New York.

The pub is small but cosy, the décor is one of a kind in Johannesburg, being that it is inherent of the old British style pubs with taps lining the counter tops and the smell of beer and cigarette smoke never leave. The Radium is the last place on earth you should take your girlfriend for a romantic night on the town but is the one place you have to visit in Joburg for a drink, or you haven’t been to Johannesburg.

Venue: 282 Louis Botha Ave, Orange Grove

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