The Taste of Mo-Zam-Bik in Joburg

I’ve always loved Mozambique, I visited a few years back with some friends and fell in love a couple of seconds after arriving in sweaty Maputo. We spent time on the waterfront, eating delicious Portuguese food while overlooking blue waters and I couldn’t help thinking how it’s the Miami of Africa. I’ve been a fan ever since and was therefore more than just happy to find this little slice of Mozambique and only 5 minutes from my house!


Mo-Zam-Bik opened it’s doors a few months ago in Linksfield where Voodoo Lounge used to be. If you ever visited Voodoo Lounge you will remember that it was located next to the nursery in a really stunning setting and nothing has changed that way. Green lawns and a well sculpted garden with a fountain greet you on the way in. The Garden leads onto a big wooden deck which is shaded by umbrellas and to the left is a HUGE children’s play area with inflatable jungle gyms and loads more for the kids to enjoy while you dine.

The indoor section of the restaurant is up market in appearance. Suppressed colours, deep tones and wooden embellishments create an air of sophistication for those of you looking to dine more formally while the outside deck caters to those who feel like a breezy lunch or dinner. It was a lovely day out so we chose the deck and it really does feel like you’re sitting at a diner in Maputo, authentic Laurentina beers precipitating on the brown paper table cloth while you look on.

The menu is far from extensive but it covers the core of any Mozambican experience with favourites like Prawns and chicken, not to mention prawn skewers and trinchado which I’m sad to say I never tried. I’m a sucker for proper Angolan or Mozambican peri-peri so I went straight for the baby chicken which turned out to be the best choice I could have made. The chicken was drenched in peri-peri which made it’s way to the chips, making them even more tasty than they already were. My wife had the beef espetada and loved it.

I walked through the kiddies play area on my way out to get a better idea of what they had on offer and it really is a top notch play area. There are a bunch of XBox 360’s set up with different games and a minder who helps the younger kids navigate their way through the menus and get used to the game. They also have a huge inflatable jungle gym out on the grass and a minder constantly watching making sure the kids are playing safely. Other restaurants need to take a feather from these guys, all parents want to know that their kids won’t only be entertained while at lunch, but entertained safely and watched while they do it.

Mo-Zam-Bik is my new ‘go-to’ when it comes to sudden cravings for authentic Maputo flavours but I have to mention that they are constantly full. I’ve been turned away in the past because I forgot to book and I’ve seen others being turned away for the same reason. Make sure you book, I can’t stress that enough.

Address: 110 Linksfield Road, On the corner of Club and Linksfield Road, Linksfield.
Bookings 011 264 1131

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