The Ultimate Hangover Brekkie At The Fat Zebra

Putting an end to the demons after a big night out is as simple as tucking into The Babalaas breakfast at The Fat Zebra in Linden.


The next time you wake up after a night out and feel a little worse for wear, head down to the well-loved Linden eatery that is The Fat Zebra for their ever-so-satisfying breakfast hangover breakfast – The Babalaas.

The Fat Zebra’s take on a gourmet toasted sarmie, The Babalaas, is filled with bacon (or macon – take your pick) and eggs, topped with ham, cheese, spicy tomato and grated parmesan, served with crisps and a shot glass of cream soda. It may just be the closest thing to the closest thing to a hangover cure.

Trust us when we say that after a wild night out on the town, you’ll feel as if this is the best R75 you’ll ever spend!

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