There’s a rat in my kitchen!

There’s a rat in my kitchen!

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When I was six months pregnant with Kayla (and typically while Stephen was overseas on business), I went outside to the laundry at 6pm one evening to feed the dogs. Little did I know that there was a rat hiding inside, gorging it’s greedy little tummy on Epol. And that two minutes later I would be screaming my lungs out while wondering if my waters had just broken or if I had wet myself in fright!

Anyway, what followed was a long and very pricy contract with a local pest control company. After about 3 months of placing sealed boxes of poison around the property, we never had a problem again. But I was too scared to cancel our contract in case the rats came back. I also have to say that there were a few traumatic times that I found dead rats in the pool that were desperately looking for water – and it was just too awful for words. But not as awful as watching rats climb over the wall from our neighbours compost heap and in search of dog food!

Three years later, we are in a new house, and my live-in housekeeper has a small kitchen facing our vegetable garden. And you guessed it, she has evidence of a rat being in her kitchen. It freaks me out more than you know. Almost as much as it freaks her out! That being said, I just can’t go back to the poison-option – it just seems so cruel. And I hated worrying that my child or dogs would somehow get hold of the poison.

And then I was asked to test a new Australian poison-free Pest Control System, which comprises – a plug. Yup, I was pretty taken aback too. It actually looks like a cell-phone charger that you plug into a wall socket. It emits an electro magnetic force which is totally harmless to humans and domestic animals, but unbelievably annoying for rats, mice and roaches who will go as far as possible so that they do not feel it.

Did I mention I was sceptical? My housekeeper was even MORE sceptical. I think she secretly thought I was fobbing her off!

Anyway – 3 weeks later and not a single rat dropping or rat-sighting at all. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. And we have come to respect and admire our little plug. It is small and out-of-sight, it is harmless, it doesn’t need servicing – and IT WORKS. I feel a hallelujah coming on!

You can read all the details on their website (follow the links alongside) – as well as some testimonials from some big corporates who use it for commercial use. Such a pleasure finding such an easy and effective solution!

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