Top 5 Curry Hotspots

We all need a good curry at least twice a month. Fortunately Jozi is filled with some of the best restaurants from the Orient, and we took the liberty to compile the best of the best into a Top Five just for you.



On Linden’s main strip hides one of India’s best kept secrets. Bikaner is a family-run restaurant that hits the spot just right when we crave spicy food. From paneer palak to some of the best garlic naan, it’s all under one roof.


Situated on 4th avenue in Melville, Satkar boasts a regular clientèle which is enough to prove that the food is good. Do your taste buds a favour and swing by this restaurant on a Sunday and take advantage of the buffet on display. Tandoori chicken for the win.


From pleasant conversation with the restaurant’s owner to some of the best mutton curry in Randburg, Lugz in Ferndale flaunts its stuff in the kitchen. To boot it’s also a lunchtime hotspot and half a bunny paired with a Castle draught sounds just about right. Every. Single. Day.

The Raj

If you are an afficianado of Indian food then The Raj at Montecasino should be on your list. From the papadums as starter to the gulab jamun at dessert it’s worth every penny.

Red Chilli Spice

This is where the spice is at. Red Chilli Spice in Craighall is worth your attendance. One of their most popular dishes would be the Tadka Dahl which is lentils tempered with cumin seeds and garnished with fried chillies.



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